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Rycote INV-Lite 21 Boom Shock Mount

Code: SYN/RY041135
Rycote’s InVision Broadcast & Film products are designed for discreet, low-profile boom mounted use in broadcast environments where full basket windshielding is not required. Professional isolation utilising Lyre suspension systems provides industry-leading shock and handling isolation for broadcast & film applications.

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The INV-Lite 21 is suitable for mics of 21mm diameter, up to 210mm in length weighing no more than 120 grams.

  • Schoeps MiniCMIT

InVision Broadcast & Film

InVision Broadcast & Film Suspensions provide unparalleled protection against shock, vibration, and handling noise for miniature, probe, handheld, and shotgun microphones. Utilising Rycote’s exclusive Lyre technology, these virtually unbreakable shock-mounts are designed with an integral cable clamp to isolate the microphone from cable and stand-borne noise.

With several models designed for use with a vast number of microphone makes and models, InVision Broadcast & Film suspensions provide outstanding shock and handling isolation performance with microphones mounted to boom poles, as well as floor, desk, and suspended stands.


  • Designed for shorter, lighter shotgun mics.
  • Unique design ensures cancellation slots are free.
  • Patented Lyre® technology with new ‘wide’ Lyre® design allowing full foam placement.
  • Balanced and lightweight, perfect for indoor boom work.
  • Revolutionary cam-lever clamp system.
  • Robust, reliable Rycote quality.
  • Weighs just 115g (without brass screw adaptor).


The balanced, lightweight choice for short shotgun mics.

The INV-Lite has been designed specifically for interior boom use with a foam windscreen. It offers a more focused solution for smaller, lighter shotgun microphones, allows full placement of a 12cm SGM foam to provide basic wind and plosive protection indoors, and provides super-fast access to the microphone via the revolutionary cam-lever clamp system.

Elegant. Ergonomic. Balanced.

Unique cam-lever clamp with wide Lyre® design.

Unique cam-lever clamp holds the mic securely, leaving interference slots free improving sound quality and directionality. Adding a foam windscreen to protect against plosives and light boom swings is fast and simple.