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Miller Mid Level Spreader (993)

Code: MIL/993
Mid-level Spreader to suit Miller Sprinter II & HD tripods

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The 993 mid-level spreader design offers continuous variable adjustment between maximum and minimum tripod height settings. It enables rapid setup and pull down by keeping the tripod legs at an equal or pre-set distance relative to each other.

Key Features

  • Quick action spreader arm latches to attach or release from tripod.
  • Safely adjust tripod legs to equal or pre-set distances.
  • Adjustable centre hub knob for smaller tripod footprints when required.
  • Spreader latch and tripod swivel attachment prevents accidental damage.
  • Weight: 0.79kg (1.74lbs)
  • Transport Length: 320mm (12.5")
  • Diameter Range: 600-1000mm (23.6-39.3")