Laowa Nanomorph 35mm T2.4 1.5x Anamorphic S35 Lens


The Laowa Nanomorph 35mm T2.4 1.5x S35 Anamorphic Lens from Venus Optics is a slender, compact anamorphic lens that captures high-definition video with 1.5x anamorphic squeeze on cameras with S35 sensors. Available in a variety of mount options and flare colours (Silver/Blue/Amber).

Product Options:

Code: RAD/VE3524DLA
Code: RAD/VE3524SEA
Code: RAD/VE3524LA
Code: RAD/VE3524MFTA
Code: RAD/VE3524RFA
Code: RAD/VE3524FXA
Code: RAD/VE3524NZA
Code: RAD/VE3524DLB
Code: RAD/VE3524SEB
Code: RAD/VE3524LB
Code: RAD/VE3524MFTB
Code: RAD/VE3524RFB
Code: RAD/VE3524FXB
Code: RAD/VE3524NZB
Code: RAD/VE3524DLS
Code: RAD/VE3524SES
Code: RAD/VE3524LS
Code: RAD/VE3524MFTS
Code: RAD/VE3524RFS
Code: RAD/VE3524FXS
Code: RAD/VE3524NZS


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Key Features

  • Patented anamorphic design
  • Revolutionarily small and compact
  • 1.5x constant squeeze ratio
  • Artistic oval bokeh
  • Amber, blue & silver flare options are available
  • Short closest focusing distance
  • Various mounts are available
  • Professional cine housing

Constant 1.5x Squeeze Ratio

A 1.5x squeeze ratio is a perfect balance between the size and anamorphic intensity. With a 1.5x squeeze ratio, you will have a 2.66:1 on a 16:9 sensor after de-squeeze. There is also room for you to crop into a 2.4:1 widescreen ratio.

Artistic Oval Bokeh

A 1.5x squeeze ratio also renders oval bokeh that gives an artistic touch to the image. It also creates a blurry and creamy background that pops out the subject.

Short Focus Distance

The 16.9" close focus distance is short so users can create closer shots. It renders a shallower depth of field, so the sense of compression will be stronger and the bokeh will be more oval-shaped.

Unified Gear Position

The unified gear position allows users to switch lenses quickly and without readjustment on the focus gear.

55mm Filter Thread

A 55mm filter can be attached directly to the lens for a variety of handy setups. The small diameter is favorable when doing run-and-gun shots or utilizing it with an aerial drone.

Dual Scales

Both imperial and metric scales are printed on the lens body.

0.8 MOD Gears

Industry-standard 0.8 MOD gears are installed on both the aperture and focus rings.

Flange Back Adjustment

The lens allows users to adjust the back focus easily.