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Fujinon XK6x20 20-120mm T3.5 Cabrio Zoom Lens

The Fujinon XK6x20 20-120mm Cabrio PL-mount zoom is a new high zoom ratio cine lens compatible with 4K cinema cameras.

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Designed for the video production and PL cine markets, the 20-120mm Cabrio XK features a T stop of T3.5 end-to-end, a 20-120mm focal range, and industry-proven Cabrio flexibility - at an affordable price. It is also equipped with a unique detachable servo drive unit, making it suitable for use as an ENG-style or standard PL lens.

The 20-120mm Cabrio XK covers a S35-sized sensor (Super 35 format) on a digital cinema-style camera. The 20-120mm Cabrio is also fitted with a nine-blade iris, to capture the most natural looking imagery possible. It comes equipped with all the lens data outputs that are required by today’s cine-style shooters.

In addition, the 20-120mm Cabrio XK can be controlled using cinema industry standard wireless controllers, as well as existing Fujinon wired units. Meanwhile, the zoom’s barrel markings are luminous for visibility in dark shooting situations - a nice-to-have touch that reflects the company’s deep understanding of real-life cinema shooting conditions. Distances are listed in feet or meters.

Fujinon's PL 12-120mm lens is the latest development in the company’s popular Cabrio series, which includes the Premier PL 19-90mm, the PL 85-300mm, PL 14-35mm lenses, and PL 25-300mm.



Zoom Length Range 20-100mm
Zoom Ratio 6x
Aperture T3.5 
M.O.D. from Image Plane 1.1 m / 3.61 ft.
Object Dim. at M.O.D.
16 : 9 Aspect Ratio
20 mm   1109 × 624 mm
120 mm  182 × 102 mm
Angular Field of View
16 : 9 Aspect Ratio
20 mm   63°41' x 38°30'
120 mm   11°49' x 6°40
Diameter x Length
114 × 239 mm
Weight 2.9 kg with drive unit
2.4 kg without drive unit
Camera Mount PL-mount