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Chrosziel Light Weight Support for EVA1

Code: ALF/401-EVA1
Lightweight Support for Panasonic AU-EVA1, with extendable shoulder pad, v-Lock mounting plate, EVA1 Tripod Adapter Plate and 2x 15mm rails.

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Chrosziel's Lightweight Shoulder Support for Panasonic AU-EVA1 features a sliding shoulder pad, dual ARRI handgrip rosettes, a V-lock mounting plate, an EVA1 tripod adapter plate, and an 8" pair of 15mm LWS support rods.

Key Features

  • Easily switch between handheld and tripod-mounted shots
  • A sliding pad enables you to adjust the balance of the camera on your shoulder
  • Handles or handgrips can be attached to the standard ARRI rosettes at the front of the support
  • Allen key included