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Canon 8.2-164mm ENG Lens with 2x Zoom Extender



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Outstanding Optical Performance

New design tools, encompassing cutting-edge optical simulation and powerful 3D design technologies, combined with new optical glass materials and new optical coatings produced a novel optimization of the cost-performance ratio of this new lens. The KJ20x8.2B IRSD exhibits a high MTF at picture center that is also well-controlled out to picture extremities. The design optimization maintains that high MTF with operational adjustments of focal length and object distance. Longitudinal and lateral chromatic aberrations have been minimized as well as monochromatic aberrations like coma and astigmatism. Geometric distortion at wide angle settings is imperceptible.

The new optical materials and multilayer optical coatings have effectively attenuated optical artifacts such as ghosting, fl are, and veiling glare, that might be stimulated by strong light sources in the scene (for example, sun in daytime and car headlight at nighttime).


  • Pre-store and recall zoom positions with the Shuttle Shot function
  • Maximum zoom speed of one second from end to end
  • Extraordinary Dispersion Glass and multilayer coatings minimize aberrations
  • Macro focusing with a minimum object distance of less than one inch
  • Quiet, fast servo unit
  • Smooth, super-slow zooms

Newly Developed Advanced Drive Unit

Various companies have rolled out cameras with lens aberration correction functions in recent years. For this reason, the KJ20x8.2B IRSD is fi tted with a camera-communication interface to support these separate aberration correction functions.*1

*1. Check with the camera manufacturer to see whether the KJ20x8.2B IRSD is compatible with the camera’s aberration correction functions.

The KJ20x8.2B IRSD’s zoom can travel end to end in 1.0 seconds, an improvement over the KJ20x8.5B KRS’s speed. The servomotor has a noise-suppressing construction to ensure there is no corresponding increase in noise. The drive unit features the same ergonomically designed shape of the KJ20x8.5B KRS and others in the family that users have loved for its handling and grip. On the newly developed advanced drive unit, the Memo switch, which sets specific zoom positions for the Shuttle Shot function (see right page), has been changed to a push switch. On previous drive units, to memorize the zoom position, the operator had to adjust its position by a volume switch. The memo switch enables more reliable Shuttle Shot setup in the fi eld where more consistent functioning of the controls is required.

Image Composition

Mount Type B4
Object Image Format 2/3"
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Object Image size (H x V) 9.59 x 5.39 mm
Zoom Ratio 20 X
Focal Length Range 8.2 - 164 mm
Focal Length Range with Extender 16.4 - 328 mm
Angular Field of View 60.7 × 36.5° at 8.2 mm
3.4 × 1.9° at 164 mm
Angular Field of View with Extender 32.6 × 18.7° at 16.4 mm
1.7 × 0.9° at 328 mm

Optical Brightness

Maximum Relative Aperture (F-Number) 1:1.9 at 8.2-115.4 mm
1:2.7 at 164 mm (Ramping Characteristic)
Maximum Relative Aperture (F-Number) with Extender 1:3.8 at 16.4-230.8 mm 1:5.4 at 328 mm (Ramping Characteristic)

Scene Composition

MOD From Front of Lens 0.9 m (10 mm with Macro)
Scene Object Dimensions at MOD 98.2 × 55.2 cm at 8.2 mm 5.0 × 2.8 cm at 164 mm
Scene Object Dimensions at MOD with Extender 49.1 × 27.6 cm at 16.4 mm 2.5 × 1.4 cm at 328 mm
Physical Attributes 163.3 mm 103 mm 208 mm 3.13 lb (1.42 kg)
Width 163.3 mm
Height 103 mm
Size Length mm mod1 208 mm
Weight 3.13 lb (1.42 kg)