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CamRade wetSuit for Red DSMC2

Code: ALP/2709.0470

The camRade wetsuit RED DMSC2 gives perfect coverage to all DMSC2 brains from RED Digital Cinema. No matter the sensor you prefer; DRAGON-X, GEMINI, HELIUM or MONSTRO, they all fit this rain cover.

The basic expanders and accessories can be used and water-resistant fabric with soft lining that reduces unwanted sound effects during operation.

This cover offers room for the monitor on top of the covers the viewfinder. It has clear vinyl windows for maximum visibility when adjusting the menu, audio input select level and other controls.

This item will be delivered to you in a waterproof pouch with zipper, which you can use for storage and transportation of the cover when not in active use.

Key Features

  • Form-fitted for the RED DMSC2 brains including most often used protrusions (DRAGON-X, GEMINI, HELIUM or MONSTRO)
  • Made of water-resistant fabric with soft lining to minimalize unwanted sound effects
  • Full view of and access to the controls
  • Strong Easy-on-Easy-off construction with hook and loop fasteners
  • Extra lens cover
  • Handmade in France, Europe
  • 5 Year warranty


Weight 0.50 kg
Suitable for Camera
Color Black
Zippers Black YKK® zippers
Made in France
Product Cover
Lens cover Yes