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Bright Tangerine Revolvr Atom 15mm LWS Core Bridge

Code: BRI/B2010.1001

The foundation of the Revolvr Atom follow focus, engineered for optimum performance and zero backlash.


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The Bright Tangerine Revolvr Atom 15mm Lightweight Core Bridge is a high precision focus instrument that enables you to mount your follow focus system on 15mm lightweight rods and provides for a quick release feature with a built-in safety mechanism.

The core bridge has a small footprint of 19mm to give you more flexibility on the rods and compatible with the Revolvr Atom 15mm and 19mm studio bridges to give you more mounting options.

The Revolvr Atom lightweight core bridge has a sliding adjustments in its X and Z axis. The adjustment along optical axis is 13mm and the horizontal distance can be adjusted between the core and the lens by 24mm.

The core bridge connects to the Revolvr Atom Swing Arm (1:1) or the Revolvr Swing Arm Cine (1:1.842) on either side using a single ergonomic locking screw that's easy to use with gloves, and allows better access to the gears. This comes in handy particularly when you use primes and a matte box. You can also swap arms quickly in any shooting position.

Our product is compatible with industry standard gears and marking discs.

The core bridge is compatible with the Revolvr Atom and Revolvr handwheels along with a 3" handwheel extension when required.

It can also be operated by the extension whip and speed crank which can be connected through the handwheels or directly into the core bridge in tighter spaces.

The Revolvr Atom lightweight core bridge has been ergonomically designed to minimize backlash and the conical handgrip with anti-slip locators allows you to carefully pull focus in tight spaces and difficult weather conditions.

Our dedicated hard stop and soft stop pack for the handwheel allows you to set your specific focus points.

Revolvr Atom has an exceptional drive efficiency and direct transmission. It is carefully crafted in Germany from titanium, anodized aluminium and stainless steel parts with uncompromised quality.

We are extremely confident about our product and have backed it with our 2 - year warranty which can be easily extended to 5 years when you register your product at

If you ever need spares, you don't have to worry because we aim to dispatch them within 48 hours.


Weight (kg)0.39
Dimensions8.7 x 4.0 x 19.4