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Bright Tangerine 143mm Clamp-on Rings


Step up lenses of different diameters to a 143mm front diameter. 143mm rings are suitable for the Misfit Atom Pola+, Misfit matte box using a 143mm back as well as the VIV & VIV 5" matte boxes with a 150-143mm reducer ring.

Product Options:

Code: BRI/B1250.1041
Code: BRI/B1250.1042
Code: BRI/B1250.1043
Code: BRI/B1250.1044
Code: BRI/B1250.1051
Code: BRI/B1250.1052
Code: BRI/B1250.1053
Code: BRI/B1250.1054
Code: BRI/B1250.1055
Code: BRI/B1250.1056
Code: BRI/B1250.1068
Code: BRI/B1250.1075


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The 143mm Clamp on Rings are an optional accessory that has been designed to accommodate lenses of different diameters to a 143mm front diameter.

It works as a normal clamp on ring, helping to secure the matte box to the lens while providing light protection with our innovative Z-cuts.

The 143mm Clamp On Rings are built from high-grade Delrin to ensure your set up remains light and provide you with maximum durability.

Need to find the outer diameter or filter thread size of your lens? Use our lens database below.


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