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12 / 24 V In-line Dimmer

In-line dimmers protect halogen lamps from over voltage.


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The 12 / 24 V In-line Dimmer is designed to prevent over voltage from batteries damaging your halogen Dedolights.

As an example - professional video camera batteries which are nominally called 12 V batteries are no longer true 12 V versions but mostly 14.4 V - and when they are freshly charged they provide up to 17 V. The DLDIM-BAT dimmer solves this problem.

The Classic dedolights work with 12 V and /or 24 V special low voltage lamps. These lamps offer the following advantages:

  • Extreme high light output for a halogen system with 40 lumen per Watt (standard high voltage halogen lamps only provide approximately 20 lumen per Watt)
  • Resistant to shock and vibration (which is definitely not a virtue of high voltage halogen lamps)
  • Drastically lower purchase cost (75 % less)
  • Longer life expectancy
  • BUT: As all halogen lamps which offer very high light output, such lamps are sensitive to over voltage.