Wisycom Drops Price on MPR52 & MCR42 Wireless Bundles

Raycom Pacific, importers of Wisycom products have announced huge price drops on their MPR52 & MCR42 Wireless Bundles.

The MCR42 is a camera receiver designed for best-in-class performances. Four receivers are internally coupled by two in a real TRUE DIVERSITY CONFIGURATION. Its front end has a chain of microcontrolled-driven movable filters to allow BROADBAND OPERATION up to 240 MHz with great selectivity.

The MPR52-ENG is a compact two channels receiver designed for professional ENG applications. The new MPR52 has two built-in diversity receivers with both analogue and digital outputs. With up to 790 MHz bandwidth in the 470/1260 MHz range, the MPR52 features next generation multiband front-end filtering.

Wisycom wireless receivers are also able to receive signals from Lectrosonics and Sennheiser transmitters.

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