NAB UPDATE: Boxx launches it's new Atom 0 delay video transmission system

Press Release - NAB 2015

Boxx TV is pleased to announce the launch of the Atom at NAB 2015, a new zero delay video transmission system.

Boxx TV provides innovative microwave broadcast equipment designed for performance and ease of use by and for industry professionals. The technology is currently being used for live-to-air broadcasts and ENG operations along with Steadicam, portable field monitoring and other Video Assist applications.

The Boxx Atom provides a zero delay microwave transmission solution for a host of Video Assist requirements in a small lightweight form factor. Operating within the 5GHz licence exempt spectrum, the  features have been designed for today’s fast moving productions. The Atom system has been optimised to work out of the box with minimal configuration. Performance can be monitored and adjusted in real-time at the touch of a button without manual pairing requirements or the need to connect to a PC to set attributes prior to operation.

Atom operates well in a multi-camera environment by making the most efficient use of the available spectrum.The system ensures reliable coverage thereby reducing the possibility of interference when using multiple transmitters.

The compact lightweight transmitter offers SDI, HD-SDI and HDMI inputs; perfect for a variety of uses including Steadicam, portable field monitoring, and UAV video links.

Commercial Director, Darrell Bilton states, “From our humble beginnings a mere decade ago, we’ve developed into a mature company with high quality innovative products and great support to match. We are the industry standard now for TV, film and increasingly the sports broadcast industry; I am really proud of what we have achieved here. We aim to continue to be at the forefront of technology so watch this space!”