Around The Block

Currently in post production, Around The Block is a new Australian feature shot on Lemac’s Red Epic cameras by Martin McGrath ACS. Produced by Kick Pictures and Tree Productions, the film was supplied and supported by the Lemac Sydney rentals team and shot in June/July this year.

The first feature film to be shot on Lemac's Epic camera package, it follows on from previous successful features shot on Lemac RED cameras such as The Wedding Party and Red Dog.

Around The Block is set in Redfern, Sydney, and tells the story of an American high school teacher (played by Christina Ricci) and an indigineous student (Hunter Page-Lochard) torn between his love of theatre and the disintegration of his family. It is the debut feature film from writer-director Sarah Spillane, and also stars Jack Thompson (also acting as Executive Producer), Damian Walshe-Howling and Ruby Rose.

Produced by SPAA President Brian Rosen, the film is also an exercise in low-budget financing, with a share of the profits allocated to cast and crew upon it’s release.