Anamorphic Tests

Lemac has assisted Director of Photography John Brawley for yet another multi-camera shootout (see previous Available Light post), this time for an upcoming feature film from the makers of award-winning short film, Celestial Avenue.

The film is called 100 Bloody Acres. John was testing two different brands of anamorphic lenses, Hawk 1.3x and LOMO 2x, with the Red Epic, Arri Alexa, Aaton A-Minima and the SI-2K camera.

Lemac’s Tim Schumann and Eszter Faradi assisted on the shoot, providing both technical assistance and camera crew support. They also recorded footage onto a brand new Astro 4:4:4 2K recorder, currently being tried out by Lemac.

To view test footage and read a full report on the shoot, click here.