Available Light Test

Red MX, Arri Alexa, 35mm, 16mm, Canon 1D, Sony F3 – can you tell the difference? Surprisingly, many viewers at John Brawley’s ‘Available Light’ screening were unable to easily pick between some formats when viewed back to back, first from a 35mm print, then a DCP.

What’s this all about? Lemac recently provided the above mentioned cameras (sans the Sony F3, still a prototype at the time of shooting) for cinematographer John Brawley’s ‘real world’ comparison. No charts or graphs, just taking these cameras out onto the streets of Melbourne to assess their performance in whatever light was available, while also looking at usability, post workflows and of course, final delivery- in this case both film and digital projection. It was a fantastic event with a huge turnout, spurring on some animated discussion about all things cameras!

Find out more about the event here.

To see the video and read more about the test itself, click here.