• V-Lock Lithium Ion Battery Kit

    Kit includes:

    • x4 Standard V-Lock batteries, various capacities available.
    • x1 Charger and IEC cable.

  • Swit ‘Travel-Safe’ V-Lock Kit

    Swit's S-8172S is a clever design of x2 80Wh batteries which lock together to form a single 160Wh battery. The Li-ion contents of each part of S-8172S comply with the IATA safe air transportation regulations. Before taken to airplane or shipped as air cargo, it should be split into 2 parts to meet the IATA rules, and the 2 parts should be reassembled when power the camera after air transportation.

  • Swit Heavy Duty V-Lock Kit (for RED and Alexa)

    Unlike previous generations of V-Lock batteries, the 'for RED' series of Swit batts (D-8161S) will display remaining battery life through the RED MX and EPIC cameras, as well as provide a high capacity (190Wh), making it suitable for power-hungry digital cinema cameras.

  • LHP Block Battery

    Manufactured by Lemac Technicians with ACs in mind, the LHP Block Battery is an extremely lightweight block batt housed conveniently in a small, portable Pelican case, so you can run your digital cinema camera on set for longer


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