In 2009, CASA updated the rules for transporting Lithium-ion (Li-on) batteries on Australian planes:

  • For lithium ion batteries with less than 100Wh rating: allowed as carry-on only.
  • For lithium ion batteries 100 - 160Wh rating: operator approval is required.
  • 100 - 160Wh batteries in equipment: can be either checked in or carried on.
  • 100-160Wh batteries not in equipment: must be carried on - no more than 2 batteries per passenger.
  • Lithium ion batteries greater than 160Wh: cannot be carried by passengers. Transportation by air of these types of batteries requires them to be consigned as cargo as a declared dangerous good.

Tips for protecting spare batteries

1. By keeping batteries in original retail packaging; or,
2. By insulating the battery terminals by taping over exposed terminals; or
3. By placing each battery in a separate plastic bag or protective pouch.

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