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Rycote Cyclone Windshield Kit - Small

Code: SYN/RY089103
Small Cyclone premium windshield system for small diaphragm condenser microphones with XLR connectivity.


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What's In The Box?

  • Cyclone Windshield System, Small
  • Cyclone Cable (fitted)
  • Hex key driver, for adjustment of Lyres
  • Offset Link Bracket
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Cyclone, Small (XLR) premium windshield system for small diaphragm condenser microphones with XLR connectivity.

    This lightweight, durable system provides transparent, category leading wind and shock isolation without need for fur.

    Features durable, grey 3D-Tex® material, Floating-Basket Suspension (patent pending) and microphone suspension webs with Rycote Lyre® Technology. Z-Locking basket design provides instant windshield attachment / detachment for lightning-fast microphone access.

    Overall length 297mm. Perfect for Sennheiser MKH 50, Schoeps MiniCMIT, etc.

    Main Benefits:

    • Superb acoustic transparency - the open shell structure with no parallel surfaces greatly reduces room-tone effects & provides a clean frequency response;
    • Massive wind noise reduction - asymmetric basket covered with 3D-Tex® material provides enormous benefits in terms of surface turbulence & acoustic impedance. An optional Cyclone Windjammer can be used for the most extreme weather conditions;
    • Advanced shock isolation - with industry-leading Rycote Lyre® microphone suspension and exclusive Floating Basket Suspension (Pat. Pending) with built-in Lyre technology, for additional vibration isolation between basket and pole;
    • An Offset Link bracket is included, to provide mic axis articulation if required for ideal microphone placement;
    • Quick & Easy - unique Z-Locking System with magnetic locking for instant windshield removal/attachment;
    • Lightweight, durable construction & materials - to withstand extreme field use.

    Advanced 3D-Tex®, for superior performance.

    All Cyclone models feature our advanced 3D-Tex® material. This provides a neutral appearance and superior performance over standard basket solutions, with excellent acoustic transparency and superb attenuation of wind-noise. Covering a lightweight yet durable chassis, Cyclone models are designed to withstand the extremes of the field for reliable, daily use – to deliver the consistent results location audio professionals depend on.

    Premium performance for a wide range of microphones.

    Cyclone Small and Medium models accommodate a range of microphone sizes, from compact condenser to shotgun, providing premium performance for a much wider range of microphones in your arsenal.

    The industry-leading Cyclone windshield, available in Small, Medium and Large.

    Rycote’s flagship Cyclone range features next-generation wind and handling noise isolation for discerning audio professionals. All Cyclone baskets feature our advanced 3D-Tex® material. This durable windshield system possesses outstanding, consistent performance while being easy to maintain as it does not use fur. The Cyclone is truly evolutionary, and now we have taken it a step further.

    Superb acoustic transparency.

    The Cyclone has superb acoustic transparency. Designed with an open shell structure consisting of curved contours and no straight or parallel surfaces, it greatly reduces room-tone effects inherent in conventional tubular windshield designs.

    Even greater microphone wind protection.

    The unique design of Cyclone shifts the overall bulk to the basket front. This aerodynamically efficient asymmetric basket covered with 3D-Tex material provides enormous benefits in terms of surface turbulence and acoustic impedance, resulting in wind-noise reduction comparable to the combined modular-style windshield / fur cover performance. In truly extreme weather conditions, an optional Cyclone Windjammer can be used to deliver wind-noise reduction that far exceeds any other windshield system available today.

    Premium short XLR.

    The premium short XLR supplied with the Cyclone Small and Medium is not only lightweight: it makes these models perfect for use with longer microphones, reducing the overall size and weight of the Cyclone model required. In other words, Cyclone Medium, with its durable, lightweight chassis, houses many popular shotgun mics!


    • Mic Lengths: 75 mm - 160 mm
    • Mic Diameters: 19 mm - 25 mm
    • Max. Weight of Mic: 110 grams
    • Mic Connector: XLR 3-Pin Female
    • Output Connector: XLR 3-Pin Male
    • Overall Length: 297 mm (11.7 inch)
    • Body Length: 142 mm (5.6 inch)
    • Max Diameter: 157 mm (6.2 inch)
    • Height: 230 mm (9 inch)
    • Weight: 586 g (20.7 oz)
    • Gross Weight: 1.12kg
    • Pack Width: 23 cm
    • Pack Height: 16 cm
    • Pack Length: 42.5 cm
    • Compatible microphones:
      • DPA 4017C, 4018C
      • Neumann KM 100 series
      • Schoeps CMC series
      • Sennheiser MKH 8040*, MKH 8050*, MKH 50