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Panasonic Varicam 35

Drawing on the traditions of the original Varicam line, Varicam 35 helps its users create emotion with its amazing latitude, wide color gamut, and 4K resolution. It also revolutionises workflow with the addition of dual-codec recording, in-camera color grading, and a modular design.

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The Varicam line of cameras has been used on a wide variety of movies, commercials, and TV programs, and is renowned for its color reproduction, look, and for bringing progressive workflows to the production industry.

Now the Varicam 35 has arrived. Drawing on the traditions of the original Varicam line, Varicam 35 features amazing latitude, wide color gamut, and 4K resolution. It also revolutionizes workflow with the addition of dual-codec recording, in-camera color grading, and a modular design.

Newly Developed Super 35mm 4K MOS Sensor

The Varicam 35 is equipped with the super 35mm format full-size single-chip MOS sensor developed especially for this new model. It offers 4K (4096 x 2160) and UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution, and boasts high sensitivity, low noise, wide dynamic range and cinematic depth of field.

The "Varicam Look" with Evolved Color Gamut and Dynamic Range

The Varicam 35 is equipped with the newly developed "V-Gamut," giving it a wider color gamut than that of film. The gamma curve has evolved to "V-Log," further extending the dynamic range of the "F-REC" gamma curve, which was highly acclaimed in the original Varicam. It is capable of recording the 14+ stops of dynamic range offered by the Varicam 35, and enhances grading flexibility. The gamma curve equivalent to conventional V-REC or CINE-LIKE is newly defined as "V-709." The V-709 gamma provides a tone suitable for previewing on a monitor, and is also suitable for use in producing broadcast content such as TV commercials and TV series.

14+ Stops of Latitude

The dynamic range is 14+ stops. The wide dynamic range assures accurate image rendering over the entire image area, from dark parts to highlights. Even in dimly lit scenes, which are particularly important in movie production, the Varicam 35 provides low-noise images without any compromise in picture quality.

Variable Frame Rate

Variable frame rate recording in the range of 1 fps to 120 fps. Overcranking (slow-motion) and undercranking (quick-motion) effects are also possible. Frame rate can be adjusted while shooting.

*120fps recording is to be supported by firmware upgrade at a later date

4K-Optimized Internal Optical Filter

The Varicam 35 has a high-precision internal optical filter made by bonding an optical low-pass filter and IR glass and providing it with a UV/IR-cut coating (membrane). The low-pass filter is tuned for 4K, so it eliminates aliasing and provides optimum resolution. The UV/IR-cut filter prevents ghosts and reddening in dark areas inside the camera unit. For frequently used ND filters, the compact body houses a rotary filter system with four filters (0.6ND, 1.2ND, 1.8ND, CLEAR) for easy switching.

In-camera Color Grading

The Varicam 35 features the in-camera color grading function (3D LUT/CDL). This enables color tuning in the field, using control panel of Varicam or 3rd party software*. This means dailies which had been created after shooting can be produced on-set and just with the camera. Grading information such as 3D LUT file and CDL file can be recorded together with the image data, thus allowing you to reflect what you imaged on-site to the post production process.

Double-Recorder and Double-codec Recording

The Varicam 35 is provided with two independent recorders. This feature lets you record in two different formats, codecs and selectable from V-Log/V-709/Grading which means both an ungraded 4K master and graded HD dailies can be record simultaneously. While having main data for cinema production, HD video for previewing or broadcasting can be acquired. The sub-recorder records HD (AVC-Intra100/AVC-Intra200*1/Apple ProRes*1) together with a lower-rate AVC-Proxy file. All files contain common metadata. By using metadata from the proxy/preview file speedy operation is possible when conducting offline editing.

*The use of DCF Technologies is under license from Multi-Format, Inc.

V-RAW Recording using Codex V-RAW Recorder*1

The Codex V-RAW Recorder for Varicam can be docked to the rear section of the Varicam 35, thus eliminating the need for cable connection. This allows simultaneous recording V-RAW data using this optional system on top of the recorder of the Varicam 35.

4K AVC-ULTRA Codec Recording

AVC-Intra4K is a 4K-compatible version of the AVC-Intra intraframe compression codec suitable for video production. Using this, the Varicam 35 can record with 4K (4096 x 2160) or UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution. For 2K/HD recording, the Varicam 35 supports AVC-Intra100/200*1 and Apple ProRes*1. Using the new large-capacity expressP2 card, it can record approximately 90 minutes of 4K video, 24-bit/48-kHz/4-channel high-quality audio, and metadata.

4K-Compatible Input/Output Terminals

Varicam 35 is provided with 3G-SDI 4K QUAD (BNC x 4) output, monitor output x 3 and audio (XLR x 2) input for flexible connection of external recorder and monitor.

*This will be supported by firmware upgrade. ProRes is licensed from Apple Inc. The ProRes codec component is licensed from ATOMOS.

Modular Structure

The Varicam 35 is comprised of the 4K camera module (AU-V35C1) with a PL lens mount and the recorder module (AU-VREC1). This recorder module is the same as that of the Varicam HS featuring the HD camera module (AU-V23HS1) with a 2/3-type lens mount. Those two camera heads are interchangeable to suit the broad application. The camera head docks to the recorder without any cable connection. The rugged docking mechanism allows easy docking and undocking in the field, without having to use a screwdriver. The camera head and recorder can also be positioned at separate locations and connected with a cable. This lets you mount only the camera head to a crane, thus adding flexibility to your camera work.

Detachable Control Panel with Monitor

Control panel on the recording module has a built-in 3.5-type LCD display panel. It can be used as the display for menu operation and also can be used as a live/preview monitor. The keys and dials are laid out around the display for quick and accurate operation so frequently used settings can be accessed directly.

GUI is developed to suit those in filmmaking but the menu suitable for video system users are also available The detachable structure allows the camera to be operated from a distant location (with 90cm extension cable). The Varicam 35 supports a variety of shooting styles and adds flexibility.

Rugged Lens Mount

The lens mount section is entirely stainless steel. It is rugged and designed to prevent flange back deviation due to temperature change expansions. The lens change ring has a large lever to allow blind-touch operation.

Newly Developed Large-Diameter OLED Viewfinder

The 0.7-type (1280 x 720 pixels) high-resolution OLED panel shows a wide field angle with a viewfinder magnification of 0.78x. The large-diameter 38mm eyepiece lens with high eye point (minimum vignetting) and the eyepiece filter allow comfortable viewing. The optical zoom function responds to precise focusing needs.

Toughness, Durability and Reliability

The bodies of the camera module and recorder module are made of aluminum alloy for strength and rigidity. They have a low center of gravity for excellent weight balance. Cooling system effectively dissipates heat from the circuitry section.

Compatible with a Wide Variety of Cine Style Accessories

The Varicam 35 can be fitted with a variety of cine style accessories such as a mattebox, follow focus and lens control system offered by 3rd parties, without the need of adaptor. The top and bottom panels are flat so various plates can be easily mounted as well as the handle with mounting holes. With its optional shoulder mount module (AU-VSHL1G), The Varicam 35 can also be used as a shoulder-mount camera recorder. It is adjustable in a range of 110 mm in the front and back direction to accommodate a diversity of lenses.


Configuration Options


General (Combination of AU-V35C1G and AU-VREC1G)

Power DC 12 V(11.0 V – 17.0 V)
Power Consumption 69 W (Body only)
99 W(with all optional accessories connected and maximum power supplied from each output terminal)
Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C
Operating Humidity 10% to 85% (relative humidity)
Storage Temperature −20°C to 60°C
Weight: Approx. 5.0kg(Excluding protrusion)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 179 mm×230.5 mm×347 mm
(7-1/16inches x 9-1/16inches x 13 -21/32inches) (Body only, excluding protrusion)

Camera Module (AU-V35C1G)

Pickup Device super35 mm MOS 8.9 million pixels
Picture Elements Total picture elements : Approx.10.3 million pixels
Effective picture elements: Approx. 8.9 million pixels
Lens Mount 35 mm PL mount
Optical Filter ND filter: 1: CLEAR, 2: 0.6 ND 3: 1.2 ND, 4: 1.8 ND
Gain Settings [ISO] mode: ISO 800 to 12800
[dB] mode: 0 to 24 dB (3dB step)
Shutter speed [deg] mode: 1.0 to 358 deg (0.5deg step)
[sec] mode: 1/24 to 1/250 (When 24p mode)

Recording Module (AU-VREC1G) When used with AU-V35C1G

Memory Card Recorder

Recording Media expressP2 card, P2 card, microP2 card
Recording Resolution 4096×2160, 3840×2160, 1920×1080
Recording Framerate Maximum 4K 50p/60p, HD 50p/60p
System Frequency 59.94p, 50p, 29.97p, 25p, 24p, 23.98p
Recording Format Main Recorder: AVC‑Intra4K 4:2:2, AVC-Intra100
Sub Recorder: AVC‑Intra100, AVC‑LongG50
Recording Video Signal 4096×2160 / 59.94p, 50p, 29.97p, 25p, 24p, 23.98p
3840×2160 / 59.94p, 50p, 29.97p, 25p, 23.98p
1920×1080 / 59.94p, 50p, 29.97p, 25p, 23.98p
Recording/Playback Time (Main Codec)
(When expressP2 card 256GB is used)*2
Approx. 90 min. (AVC-Intra4K 4:2:2, VFR OFF, 24p)
Approx. 36 min. (AVC-Intra4K 4:2:2, VFR ON, 50p/59.94p)
Approx. 128 min. (AVC-Intra 100, VFR ON, 50fps/60fps)
Recording/Playback Time (Sub Codec)
(When microP2 card 64GB is used)*2
Approx. 64 min. (AVC-Intra100, 25p/29.97p)
Approx. 128 min. (AVC-LongG50, 25p/29.97p)
Approx. 256 min. (AVC-LongG25, 25p/29.97p

Digital Video

Quantizing 10 bit
Video Compression Format AVC‑Intra4K 4:2:2/AVC-Intra100:
MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 Intra Profile
AVC‑LongG50/AVC‑LongG25: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264

Digital Audio

Recording Audio Signal 48 kHz/24 bit, 4ch
Head room 18 dB/20 dB menu switchable


File Format MOV
Video Compression Format H.264/AVC High Profile
Audio Compression Format LPCM
Recording Time (1 GB)*2 Approx.25 min.

Video Input/Output

SDI OUT HD (1.5G)/3G SDI, 0.8 V[p-p], 75 Ω (1 set, 4 pieces)
MON OUT1 HD (1.5G)/3G SDI, 0.8 V[p-p], 75 Ω
MON OUT2 HD (1.5G)/3G SDI, 0.8 V[p-p], 75 Ω
VF SDI HD (1.5G)/3G SDI, 0.8 V[p-p], 75 Ω

Audio Input/Output

AUDIO IN(CH1/CH2) XLR x 2, 3 pin, LINE/MIC/MIC+48V/AES switchable
MIC IN XLR x 1, 5 pin
PHONES Stereo mini jack
Speaker 20 mm diameter, round x 1

Other Input/Output

GENLOCK IN HD (1.5G)/3G SDI, 0.8 V[p-p], 75 Ω
TC IN/OUT BNC×1, IN/OUT switch selection
IN: 0.5 V[p-p] to 8 V[p-p], 10 kΩ
OUT: 2.0 ± 0.5 V[p-p], Low impedance
DC IN XLR 4 pin, DC 12 V (DC 11.0 V to 17.0 V)
DC OUT/RS 4 pin, DC12 V (DC11.0 V to 17.0 V),
maximum output current 1.0 A
DC OUT 2 pin, DC12 V (DC11.0 V to 17.0 V),
maximum output current 1.0 A
LENS 12pinx1, 4pinx2
VF 14 pin
USB2.0: (device) Type B connector, 4 pin
USB2.0: (host) Type A connector, 4 pin *3
EXT 50 pin (for external recording only) *3
Control Panel (LCD) 3.5-type QHD color monitor (Approx. 1.56 million dots)

Electronic HD Color View Finder (AU-VCVF1G)

Display Panel OLED, 0.7-type, 2.76 million dots
Signal Input 1080/59.94p, 1080/50p, 1080/60p

*1: Specification is preliminary as of Sep 2014. Specification subject to change upon firmware upgrade.
*2: These are reference values for continuous recording. The recording time may differ depending on the scene or the number of clips
*3: This will be supported by firmware upgrade. For details, please visit Download page.