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Chrosziel Studio Cine Follow Focus Kit

Code: ALF/204-01KIT
Mounts onto 15mm support rods Positionable indicator Marking scale Focus lever for faster & longer movement of focus wheel Focus gear drive can be mounted on either side of follow focus Fits most lenses with proper focus gear drive

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The high quality Chrosziel Studio Cine Follow Focus Rig allows for play-and-jerk-free focus moves, even when performing quick changes in focal direction.


To ensure clinically precise movements, Chrosziel does not use switchable gear boxes, instead creating 2 separate models with differing gear boxes to accomodate the different focus markings of film and video lenses.

The Studio Cine Rig's gear unit translates the rotation of the hand wheel to the lens focus ring in a way that allows the full range to be covered in one turn.

Further adjustments to the angle of rotation can be made by employing different gear diameters. Luckily, this is a painless process due to the fact that all gear drives can be easily mounted without tools.

Kit Includes

  • 204-01 Studio Rig Cine Follow Focus
  • 201-03 Hand Wheel
  • Hand Wheel Scale
  • Focus Lever
  • 19mm Rod Adapter
  • 25.6mm Mod 0.8 Drive Gear
  • 36.8mm Mod 0.8 Drive Gear
  • 33.6mm Mod 0.8 Wide Drive Gear
  • 46.4mm Mod 0.8 Drive Gear
  • Custom Case