Bubblebee Lav Concealer (Deity W.Lav Micro)


The Lav Concealer for Sennheiser MKE 1. A soft rubber concealer mount for the Sennheiser MKE 1 microphone.

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The Smallest, Quietest Lav Concealer For The Deity W.lav Micro Lavalier Mic Has Arrived.

The Lav Concealer for Deity W.Lav Micro is a soft pliable mount that covers many different mounting options, moulding itself to the contours of the microphone’s capsule. Because of its soft rubber material, it also acts as a shock mount, protecting the mic capsule from vibration as well as from absorbing friction noise to give you clearer sound recordings.

Available in a 6-pack with 3x Black and 3x White Lav Concealers.

This innovative Deity W.Lav Micro mic mount fits the capsule perfectly and, along with making hiding the mic easier, protects it from a build up of glue residue which can result from repeatedly attaching tape directly to the mic. The Lav Concealer for Deity W.Lav Micro can be attached directly to skin or clothing using our Lav Concealer Tape. The tape is very strong, hypoallergenic and easy to apply, for mounting on fabric or skin without any worry. It also includes a wire cable lock clip and two fabric guards, which can be applied in any configuration you like, depending on the mounting style.

It can also be sewn into costumes by the costume department for daily repeated use.

The Lav Concealer For Deity W.lav Micro Features:

Creates Space:

Keeps material away from the Deity W.Lav Micro microphone capsule in tight spaces under or in clothing, protecting the mic from friction noise and vibrations; making your recordings sound cleaner.

Shock Absorbing:

The moulded rubber concealer is made for excellent vibration and friction absorption, while the metal clothing clip and fabric guard prevent the transmission of vibration through the concealer to the microphone capsule.

Colour Options:

Available in Matte Black or Matte White finish. The matte finish is non-reflective for discrete hiding.

Wire Fabric Guard:

The Lav Concealer for Deity W.Lav Micro includes two wire fabric guards; one low and one high. The combination of wire and rubber materials acts as excellent friction absorption, cutting any transmission of friction to the mic capsule.

High Fabric Guard:

Also included is the High Fabric Guard; it moves the point of contact between the fabric and the guard further away from the mic capsule. This can be used where the subject is wearing clothing which is made from a particularly coarse or noisy material. Both fabric guards can be used together, in lieu of the cable lock clip if the situation calls for it.

Clip, Tape Or Sewing Mounting Options:

Provides many options for mounting Deity W.Lav Micro lavalier mics on talent easily, effectively and quickly, many times under high pressure on sets.

Environmentally Sound:

The Lav Concealer is made from 100% natural rubber, which is biodegradable and kind to the environment. The black and white versions don't use any harmful chemical compounds to achieve the colouring.

The natural rubber used in manufacturing The Lav Concealer is biodegradable, which the environment will thank you for. In terms of clarity, using a soft, pliable rubber which means it absorbs more vibrations than harder materials (eg. plastic), preventing unnecessary noise from ever reaching the microphone capsule. The Lav Concealer for Deity W.Lav Micro includes two fabric guards and a wire cable lock clip, made of metal. These attach to the concealer in tiny holes on the front and back. Having two different materials operating in unison helps prevent friction or vibrations from being transferred from one to the other, and eventually to the capsule.

It moulds to your mounting style: Both the cable lock clip and fabric guards are removable, and you can mount them on the front, back, top-side or bottom-side of The Lav Concealer. For the ultimate fabric guard configuration, use tape to attach the concealer and mount the high fabric guard on the top-side of the Lav Concealer, with the regular fabric guard on the bottom, to lift the fabric off the entire concealer.