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Bright Tangerine Canon C500 Mk II/C300 Mk III/C200 Left Field Sliding Top Plate

Code: BRI/B4005.0007

Mount accessories to the top of the Canon C500 Mark II/C300 Mark III/C200 with a quick release sliding plate and 15mm rod support.


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The Canon Canon C500 Mk II/C200 Left Field Sliding Top Plate mounts to the top of the camera and provides a quick release base for the Left Field ARRI Dovetail Plate.

The top plate acts as a receiver for the Left Field ARRI Dovetail Plate which can slide back and forth for optimal balance when using it with the carrying top handle or any other mounted accessories. It can also be released quickly to pack the camera down for transport.

The dovetail plate features safety screws to prevent any accidental release. When the plate is required to stay fixed, the safety screws can be mounted on the right side of the plate to prevent the plate from being able to slide.

The Left Field 15mm LWS Bracket mounts directly to the front of the Top Plate and adds top mounted rod support. This can be used for a lens motor or other accessories like an EVF bracket without having to add a baseplate when the camera is on a drone or gimbal.

The top plate itself features multiple 1/4″”-20, 3/8″”-16 & ARRI accessory mounting points. In addition to these points, it also has mounting points for the left and right side plates to form a complete cage solution for the C500 Mk II/C200 to transfer any physical strain from the camera body to the cage.


Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 11.6 × 11.2 × 2 cm
Camera Model

Canon EOS C200, Canon C300 Mark III, Canon C500 Mark II