ARRI MMB-2 Mini Matte Box


The ARRI Mini Matte Box MMB-2 is a great entry point into the ARRI matte box ecosystem. Designed for operators who crave a reliable, simple system, the MMB-2 supports two filters in either the 4x4, 4x5.65 or 4.5” round filter standards, and as a clamp-on or LWS 15 mm matte box depending on configuration.

Product Options:

Code: ARR/KK.0005747
Code: ARR/KK.0005749
Code: ARR/KK.0005750
Code: ARR/KK.0005763
Code: ARR/KK.0005764


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The ARRI Mini Matte Box MMB-2 is a compact and lightweight matte box for use clamped onto a lens or on lightweight 15 mm rods. With a wide range of available accessories, the MMB-2 is a fully featured matte box that fits well with the latest lightweight digital cameras.