Video: A City With Two Voices

Sydney-based director Daniel Jamieson has recently produced a short documentary with the help of Lemac’s Floatcam DollyCrane with stunning results! In Dan’s words:

"I used the Float-cam system to capture the opening sequence for my film 'A City with Two Voices', a mini doco that looks at some of the issues surrounding sustainability in Sydney. It was one of the winners of the Siemens City Stories film project in London and the film now lives permanently in The Crystal building in London's docklands. It was technically a new challenge for myself and my crew, and the team at Lemac Sydney allowed us to come in and experiment with the gear to really got to know it before taking it out and shooting. The team at Lemac Sydney really went above and beyond with their contribution towards this project. This allowed me to focus on what I was shooting as I knew that everything I needed for capturing the production was right there".

The Siemens City Stories film project selects 10 Next Generation Filmmakers from 10 different cities around the world to tell stories of urban sustainability in their city.

Sustainable Sydney 2030, A City with Two Voices from Daniel Jameison on Vimeo.

Winner of the Siemens CityStories project mentored by Academy Award winning director Davis Guggenheim, this short film is about what the City of Sydney is doing in order to move towards a greener and sustainable future.
Directed by: Daniel Jameison
Produced by: Emma Moroney