Lemac cameras used for stunning aerial TVC

Lemac has provided camera rental and support for an incredible TVC for the new Sony A7R camera. The TVC features wonderfully choreographed skydiving action set against the backdrop of the Earth at dawn and dusk, creating beautiful images of floating high above the world and seeing it from a new perspective.

This was the second time that Lemac's Red Epics had been skydiving. On a previous job, aerial DoP Shane Sparkes used the cameras to film an aerial fight sequence in the vicinity of an active volcano for Jackie Chan feature, CZ12. For both jobs, the cameras were stripped down to their bare essentials and provided with Canon EF and Nikon mounts for lighter lens options.

Shane tells us more about his experiences here:

"Having shot film since being a teenager, Lemac have been the greatest assistance stepping from film to the high end of digital imaging, by assessing and understanding our specialised needs. Although the principles of Freefall Cinematography remain the same, jumping from an Arri 35 to an Epic required a fair amount of attention to new detail.

Charlie Ward, Eszter and Davey provided some invaluable assistance; to make sure we had the correct equipment to adapt into our shooting environment. Our first use of the RED Epic was in an aerial fight sequence for a feature, shot over the ocean and islands in North Queensland. Freefall Cinematography involves jumping out of planes, with cameras usually helmet mounted and hurtling toward the ground at speeds of up to 300kmh. It is a relatively hostile environment. I fully respect that some people can be a little uncomfortable having their equipment worth a bucket of money going skydiving. Lemac's approach was to listen to our procedures and safeguards; their understanding and trust I fully appreciate.

This has been followed through to one of our latest shoots involving two Epics running fast and using a variety of Nikon and Canon Fisheye lenses. Shot at sunrise and sunset with fellow cinematographer Rob Douthat, a beautiful and unique piece has been produced for Sony."

"The pictures produced speak for themselves. (anyone who is interested in googling Sony a7r and watching the spot is in for a one minute treat. Even if I say so myself, it is beautiful). At this point with such swift technological development, Lemac continue to provide a state of the art, up to date array of equipment choices along with great and friendly assistance. And I just like going to places like Lemac because it is full of cameras and lenses, which I have always loved. And you can go in the shop and get a couple of rolls of gaffer tape because as we know, beer and gaffer tape solve all problems. Perhaps Lemac could incorporate a bottle shop or bar!"

For more on Shane Sparkes, click here.