NAB UPDATE: Zaxcom announce Oasis, Nomad Touch and more!

The Zaxcom stand at NAB 2015 is packed with new products! Taking pride of place is the new Deva32 mixer - a 32 track mixer, controller, and recording system capable of integrating many functions into one easy-to-use touchscreen interface. It features 16 flying faders with 5 fader banks, 8 AES-42 microphone inputs, and integrates with Dante.

The Deva32 can be connected to a computer and a touchscreen interface for use of its full suite of functions. The interface software is compatible with PC or Mac. Both mixer and recorder operations can be controlled from the GUI, which also features metadata entry and integration with MovieSlate, Zaxcom wireless management over ZaxNet, playback, and script viewing functions. Final Draft files can be directly uploaded to the Deva32 for on-screen viewing and ingestion of character names.

Next up is the Oasis. This is a full featured mixing panel with 8 motorized, touch sensitive faders on 3 active banks for up to 40 assignable fader channels. In addition you’ve got hardware trim controls, transport control, dedicated PFL keys, routing control and more. The Oasis controls Nomad 12 via a single serial control cable, all the processing and recording stay within the Nomad. This turns Nomad 12 into a no compromise cart based mixing and recording system that can quickly and seamlessly transition from a cart to a bag.

Also on the stand is the new Nomad Touch. Nomad Touch expands the functionality and features of your Nomad 12 with a touch screen interface designed for use in the sound bag. The Nomad Touch package includes an interface cable and software that can be installed on any tablet or computer that is running Windows 8.1.

Other products featured on the stand are the RX200, a mini UHF 2-channel wireless receiver with internal power supply and timecode, the Zaxmote, an IOS app for easy remote control of your Digital Recording Wireless Transmitters and much more. We'll keep updating the news and product section of the website as more details come in, so please check back for more exciting announcements from the team at Zaxcom.