​Zaxcom Introduces The New ZMT4 Wireless Transmitter

POMPTON PLAINS, N.J. — April 16, 2021 — Zaxcom today announced a new transmitter to their ZMT family, the ZMT4 Digital Recording Wireless Transmitter. The ZMT4 has taken digital recording wireless to the next level with 30% better power consumption, NeverClip™ in all modes, and power for all microphones – from a 5V lavalier to a 48V phantom powered mic – and a new ultra-low noise preamp.

The new ZMT4 will help users deliver pristine audio quality. It’s an incredibly small, lightweight, talent-friendly transmitter ideal for sound professionals. Weighing only 2.2oz (62g), the ZMT4 is constructed from a high-strength, impact-resistant nylon polymer casing with rounded edges and machined metal that’s cool to the touch. A graphic OLED shows external audio and battery status levels.

The ZMT4 has a wide range of power to cover nearly any professional analog microphone – 5V lavalier mics as well as condenser, balanced dynamic, or ribbon microphones running at 12, 24, 36, or 48V. Perfect for boom pole operation, the ZMT4 can be positioned at the top of a boom pole directly behind the microphone instead of near the bottom. By removing the internal or external cable, operators can eliminate cable noise that can affect the audio track. Microphone connectivity is via a 3-pin balanced LEMO.

The ZMT4 has up to 30% better battery life than its predecessor. A single NP-50 battery provides up to 6 hours of runtime with a lavalier running at 5v and up to 4.5 hours of runtime while using a 12-48v boom microphone. It has NeverClip™ in all modes, which works by utilizing two A-D converters to extend the dynamic range of the transmitter to 136 dB, so there’s never any limiter distortion.

Like all Zaxcom Digital Recording Wireless, the ZMT4 transmits using 100% digital modulation allowing audio to be fully encrypted. It has a built-in recorder, audio is simultaneously transmitted and recorded to a removable microSD card using the highly reliable MARF (Mobile Audio Recording Format) which eliminates file corruption common to recordings due to a dead battery or early card removal. Additional features include PowerRoll™ to further extend battery life, Zaxcom High Density (ZHD) modulation modes, and ZaxNet™ which allows for remote changes in frequency, pre-amp gain or to place the transmitter in record, playback, and stop modes.

The ZMT4 is available now and comes in two options, ZMT4.5 which covers Blocks 20 – 23 (512-608 MHz), and ZMT4.6 which covers Blocks 23 – 26 (578-698 MHz).