Zacuto Gratical X Software Bundles

How do you Gratical X?

Whether you’re an Indie filmmaker, Classic filmmaker, VFX technophile or a Pioneer who walks the unbeaten path, the Gratical X EVF can enhance and support your vision. This customizable electronic viewfinder is perfect for the shooter who wants the very best in EVF technology but needs only a few key software features.

Your Gratical X starts with our bright and brilliant Gratical electronic viewfinder.The OLED Gratical screen, with it’s 10,000 to 1 contrast ratio and individually lit diodes, delivers the sharpest display possible. It blows away a 500 to 1 contrast range of a back lit LCD screen at any resolution or size. The Gratical X has the same high quality precision optics with built in diopter and powerful FPGA dual core processor as the flagship model Gratical HD. But, our innovative “build your own” process allows you to pick and choose from a wide selection of software features to build the Gratical EVF that’s right for you.

Choose your filmmaker personality and receive a free unique set of software features

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How to claim your free software.

To claim your free software upgrade, you first need to register and activate your Gratical X with Zacuto here. You will then be able to redeem your software electronically via an email from Zacuto.

So, how do you Gratical X? Are you Indie like Phil Arntz and always trying new roles or more Classic like Polly Morgan? Have you carved your own filmmaking niche like Philip Bloom, our Pioneer? Or, like Bruce Logan, ASC, do VFX and tech specs shape your future?


Never stop learning.

Philip Bloom – Director of Photography

I try to live my filmmaker life through two philosophies – visual storytelling through images and storytelling through the words of others. There will always be new gear, which sometimes helps, but can often be a distraction and ultimately harms your story. I need gear that enhances my production, not overwhelms it. Sometimes the simplest techniques can give you the most beautiful visuals, and that’s what I’m always seeking as a filmmaker – the simplest, clearest path to get to the beauty of the story.

I truly believe we can never stop learning. That’s why I push myself to stretch my creative abilities and leave my comfort zone whenever I can and also dedicate much of my time to working with other filmmakers through my website, social media and workshops. Now, I get to travel the world and teach filmmakers better and new techniques – not just through technology but through better storytelling skills.

The image is just gorgeous, it’s simply the best EVF I have ever used. Once I set the diopter, the image was crystal clear. From that moment on, there was no way I could ever go back to my built in viewfinders. One of my favorite Gratical features is the ability to use LUTs. It’s so much more inspiring to shoot with LUTs than the log we get these days. It’s important to shoot log but way more fun and helpful to monitor with a LUT!Philip Bloom

Pioneer Package:
LUTs – import, export, and creation
Frame Lines


Continuity within an ever changing environment.

Polly Morgan – Cinematographer

My approach is filmmaking is one grounded within storytelling. My visual style is always based on the content of the script and responsive to the emotional journey of the characters. Depending on the genre of the narrative and the stylistic approach discussed with my director, I chose the specific equipment required to carry out the approach and look for that project. This relates to everything from camera choice, lenses, lighting and tools to move the camera. My hope is to create evocative and powerful imagery that visually supports all aspects of the narrative and helps drive the story forward.

I love working with the Gratical X as it enables me to use the gear with whatever camera I need for my project and adjust it to my unique specifications. I am usually frustrated with the modern EVFs and reduction of quality from optical viewfinders but I find that the Zacuto equipment with its full scopes and peaking helps me find continuity within an ever changing environment.Polly Morgan

Classic Package:
Scopes – Waveform, Histogram, and Vectorscope
1:1 Zoom


Tell a story from a single backpack.

Phil Arntz – Cinematographer and Director

I work in the film industry because I want to motivate, inspire and emotionally move people through my films. I’ve been traveling around the world for a few years now and I’ve learned how important it is to cut out unnecessary ‘background noise’ and ‘fluff’ in my work, so I can focus on the key message of my story. My job is to connect the stories I hear with beautiful visuals to support and enhance my key message. Having worked with many different cameras and set-up’s over the past, I’ve realized that the more elaborate and complicated gear often stands in the way of a streamlined and efficient workflow. Now I bring all the equipment I need to tell a story in a single backpack.

The Gratical X Indie Package includes the features you need to nail critical focus and exposure quickly and accurately and allows you to focus on the important things in-front of your camera.Phil Arntz

Indie Package:
Red Peaking


Participate in the “liveliest art.”

Bruce Logan, ASC – Visual Effects Supervisor and Director

I believe that cinema is the collective dream of humanity. As such, it has enriched and enlivened the humane psyche since it’s birth over 100 years ago. Although I couldn’t appreciate this as a kid, I must have sensed it in some way… and couldn’t image my life without it being my prime focus.

My journey began with my early love of animation. I taught myself to animate aged 12 and never looked back. Although I quickly moved on, I believe animation is a great way to understand how an image gets onto a strip of film. This led me into Visual Effects and then in turn into being a Director of Photography. Learning these and every other discipline I could absorb, allowed me to participate in the “liveliest art.”

Looking through a film camera viewfinder was always superior to the final projected print. With the advent of digital photography, the electronic viewfinder became a “low-rez” excuse for an image. But now, with the advent of the Gratical X, I am finally able to assess the quality of the image I am capturing.Bruce Logan, ASC

VFX Package:
Audio Meters
LUTs – import, export, and creation
Plus – Bruce’s film look LUTs for the ARRI AMIRA and SONY F55 and FS7