Lemac's Wireless Instant Playback System

Now available from Lemac is our new Wireless Instant Playback System (WIPS), designed by Lemac's own Matthias Pittner. WIPS harnesses the power of Wi-Fi for instant playback from your camera to the iPads/iPhones of directors and crew on set.

Dual Camera Proxy Record

WIPS is capable of recording feeds from two cameras simultaneously onto one unit, making these recorded proxy files available for playback over Wi-Fi to iPads or iPhones on set.

iPad / iPhone Review

When used in conjunction with various playback apps such as Live PlayAir Video HD, Plex or Todalies you are able to watch back the latest take as soon as the camera buttons off.

Rugged, Convenient & Custom Built

The unit is housed inside a custom-built, rugged cage system and runs with a single 3 pin IEC cable for power. The 16mm spigot mount in the bottom makes it easy to attach to any lighting stand, camera trolley or other standard grip gear. The Lemac Technical Services (LTS) custom-built WIPS chassis allows easy airflow for cooling and good Wi-Fi signal strength. It is easy to set up and pack away into a single compact road case.

Set and forget

Autonomous operation on Epic, Alexa, Sony F5 / 55 / 65 and Canon C300 or 500 cameras. Setup and relocation time is only 10 minutes.

H.264 via Wi-Fi

WIPS features H.264 encoding capabilities via a wired or wireless connection from up to two cameras. Stored proxies are then available for streaming via wireless 802.11ac technology.

Efficient Workflow

In combination with Apps such as Live Play and Todalies WIPS can also store additional information to create daily reports including camera notes, continuity reports, editorial notes and many other invaluable bits of information to be used later in post production.

Files can also be copied at the end of the day to an external drive for use in offline editorial (this works particularly well with Epic, due to filename and metadata being transmitted via SDI feed). When used in conjunction with Air Video HD the files can also be reviewed remotely anywhere in the world.

WIPS is now renting

Lemac lead the way in wireless monitoring options for Digital Cinema, HD and broadcast.

Enquire now about renting this system from Lemac in Sydney / Melbourne / Brisbane or to register interest in purchasing the WIPS click here.