The Australian Dedolight Tour Wrapup

Dedo's Aussie tour has drawn to a close after a week of non-stop action

The events held across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane were a great success with creator and inventor of Dedolight, Dedo Weigert delivering a series of inspiring and informative presentations to a large group of interested industry professionals.

As well as showcasing the latest and greatest products from the Dedolight arsenal, Dedo also passed on his own special brand of no-nonsense, practical lighting know-how which was gratefully received by all in attendance.

In addition, audiences were also treated to a special up-close and personal look at the revolutionary new Outsight Creamsource LED light fixture, presented by creator Tama Berkeljon and his business partner Sasha Marks.

After seeing the latest product range in action, many attendees walked away eagerly anticipating their next Dedolight purchase.

In fact, after seeing Dedo demonstrating the power and performance of the new LEDzilla, one cinematographer ran straight to the Lemac sales department, purchased his own unit and took off to a job! Dedo joked that this was not the first time that he had witnessed such instantaneous inspiration and was in no way offended that the new customer didn’t stick around to watch the rest of his presentation.

It comes as little surprise that feedback from attendees across all states was extremely positive and Lemac would like to again thank everyone who took part in what was a fantastic series of events.