The 2012 NAB Review

2012 NAB Review from Lemac Film and Digital on Vimeo.

Events were held in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne with great success. See below for photos.

Lemac recently hosted functions in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne delivering our annual report from the National Association of Broadcasters conference, presented by two of our senior technical staff, Stuart Pointon Business Development Manager and Tim Schumann, Manager of Digital Cinema.

As usual, these evenings were informal, entertaining and insightful events.

Also on display, with a technical rundown from Stuart Pointon, was the new Sony F65 Digital Motion Picture camera system, now available for rental through Lemac.

Stuart, Tim and others were on hand to field questions about both this exciting new camera system and all the developments from the NAB 2012 show.

Stuart Pointon opens proceedings for the ACS in Lemac's new Brisbane training facility.

The F65 in all its glory, on display with the brand new Canon 14.5-60mm PL Zoom.

Tim Schumann discusses the F65 with some of the folks at the Brisbane ACS NAB Review night.

Calvin Gardiner ACS welcomes the crowd at the Sydney event.

National Rentals Manager, Brett Dwyer, chats with David Gribble ACS.

A crowd of familiar faces soak up the information at the Sydney ACS clubhouse.

Checking out one of our F65s with the new 14.5-60mm Canon PL Zoom.