Sony NX30 Field Test

At Lemac, we have a team of staff with a diverse range of interests and skills when it comes to film and digital video production. One of our staff, Brett Williams, is also a rock climbing documentary maker, and recently took the opportunity to test run Sony’s new camcorder, the NX30, in this environment. In Brett’s own words:

The reason I took the NX30 on this shoot was because I have been searching for the perfect solution to capture steady shots while hanging off a rope, while also being portable and having the ability to record professional audio. Also, I wanted to be able to intercut footage easily with the 7D, with which I shoot ground shots and interviews.

Overall, the camera worked a treat. Having a flip-out LCD that you can see a clean image on allowed me to get angles not achievable with a DSLR and also make sure my feet didn’t get in shot! Having XLR audio inputs was a god-send, it’s ergonomic.. but best of all, it’s super steady. With a very little grade it’s intercut with the 7D footage easily.

The Sony NX30 is a camera that truly is ‘good to go’ out of the box: camera, mic, audio module, battery, AC adaptor and filter adaptor ring are all included. With 96GB of solid state internal memory, an internal camera light, stills capability (24.1 megapixel!), as well as the stabilizing features and projector, you can quite easily take this camera and shoot with it immediately!

It is also capable of shooting 50 frames per second at 1080p, unlike many other higher priced cameras, and it looks great!

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