Sennheiser Clears up Digital Dividend Confusion

To clear up the confusion surrounding these issues, Sennheiser have given us 'The Frequency Finder'. This is a simple, easy to use webpage that will help you find the most suitable wireless frequencies, or 'blocks' for use in your area.

Just choose the location you want to find available frequencies for by entering your address, your position on a map, or the GPS unit in your phone*. Based on your selected location you will be presented with a range of served areas. These are ordered by the anticipated strength of signal at your location. This is determined by the distance from your location to the transmitter and includes factoring in transmitter power levels. You will then be presented with the Recommended frequencies for wireless.

You are also able to view:
  • Current situation details: The channel allocations as they are currently being used.
  • Post regulation details: The channel allocations as they are will be once the Digital Dividend comes into full effect.
  • Your location: The location you have selected presented on a map.
  • Wireless ready products: Products from Sennheiser that are ready to use both now and once the Digital Dividend comes into effect.

There are clear instructions on how to use this application on the webpage. This will prove to be an invaluable tool for anyone considering the purchase of wireless equipment. To get all the information you'll need surrounding wireless systems, simply click the link above or visit

*If you select GPS locator your system will either use the GPS in your device or carry out an Internet address lookup based on your Internet Service Provider's network. In the case of an Internet address lookup results may not be accurate.