Panasonic Announces 'Prioritised Development' of 4K

It seems we just can't keep 4K out of the news ! From 4K displays in your living room to the release of the first 4K smartphone (really!), 4K is definitely here to stay. With this ever growing demand for 4K aquisition and content in mind, Panasonic used the current IBC Exhibition to announce their prioritised development of a 4K Varicam.

Amsterdam. 13 September 2013

In response to the growing worldwide demand for 4K production, Panasonic Professional Camera Solutions is prioritising the development of the 4K VariCam camera recorder. The VariCam will be a highly practical camera, boasting features and performance suitable not only for 4K cinema, but also HDTV content production. The camera is set for launch in 2014. Panasonic has also unveiled the development of the new Ultra P2 cards at IBC.

With the 4K VariCam, Panasonic is tending to businesses that are increasingly looking for suitable, and above all affordable, equipment to create 4K production environments. By using large-scale integration chip technology (LSI) boasting AVC-Ultra, the new extension of the AVC-Intra codec format used widely in HD recording, Panasonic will speed the development of its 4K VariCam.

By integrating the latest 4K technology, the VariCam will support 4K shooting from 24p to 100/120p. To enable even better 4K video productions, Panasonic will fit the 4K VariCam with a newly developed Super35mm size high sensitivity image sensor with 4K resolution. The sensor will feature wide dynamic range, extended colour space, and support for Log.

Moreover, in order to support highly reliable recording at high bit rates, new Ultra P2 cards will start shipping in conjunction with the 4K VariCam camera recorder. The form will be the same as traditional P2 cards, with a high speed PCIe interface adopted to enable high speed data transfer. Currently, 256GB Ultra P2 cards are planned for production.

Shipment of the 4K VariCam and the new Ultra P2 cards will start in 2014. Further product details will be revealed as the launch draws nearer.

In further recognition of the importance of 4K, Panasonic issued another press release to unveil their native 4K LCD Production Monitor for 4K/2K/HD cinema production.

Amsterdam. 13 September 2013

Panasonic Professional Camera Solutions announced new details about the BT-4LH310, a 31-inch 4096 x 2160 resolution LCD monitor for unrivalled 4K/2K monitoring in a studio or in the field. The 4LH310’s 4K 10-bit IPS panel affords native 4K resolution, a wide viewing angle, and faithful reproduction of up to 1.07 billion colors. The high quality LCD monitor features multiple professional inputs (including 3G/HD-SDI, HDMI and DisplayPort); true colour processing with a 3D look-up table (LUT); HD closed captioning; and an eco-friendly panel with mercury-free LED backlight.

The new native 4K LCD production monitor of Panasonic serves excellently in the field, in video villages for live viewing of 4K cameras and devices with I/Os as well as for the viewing of rushes. For this, the monitor has been equipped with a production-tough aluminium frame, can operate on 28V DC besides AC, has worldwide 59.94/50Hz compatibility and VESA screws for mounting as well as comes with a supplied stand.

Thanks to the great size-to-price value of the 4K monitor post production facilities can accept more 4K assignments, including editing, screenings and dailies. In addition to 4K, the 4LH310 can portray up to four screens in 2K and HD resolutions, meaning it can be used for all types of cinema production and post production, as well as top-end implementations in corporate, educational and laboratory settings. The 4LH310’s high resolution and quality also allow it to be used in computer graphics and simulation applications.

The 4LH310’s high contrast, horizontally-aligned IPS panel has 178 degree vertical and horizontal viewing angles which delivers superb colour accuracy and sharp images regardless of the view point. The 4LH310’s 3D-LUT with six-pole colour correction includes a look-up table for each signal level. It also applies 10-bit image processing to each RGB colour resolving colour drifting at low light levels and keeping colours vividly natural.

A true cinema production tool, the 4LH310 supports the DCI-P3 colour space and facilitates digital cinema workflow with a LUT upload function. Panasonic’s 4K production monitor can also accurately display the industry standard colour space of ITU-R BT.709. Advanced assist features include a Y-Map display that makes it easy to confirm luminance level map, and a Zebra display.

The 4LH310 will display HD closed captioning with a SDI input. Further, the 4K LCD monitor incorporates diverse video inputs and remote terminals to deliver superb operability in a system configuration with almost any 4K imaging equipment and support of various display modes. These include 3G/HD-SDI (with BNC x 4 active loop-through), HDMI (1.4b), DisplayPort (1.1a), and GPI inputs, as well as RS-232C and RS-485.

Panasonic’s native 4K LCD production monitor will be available from December 2013 with a pricing to be confirmed.