P2 Horror Feature “Prey” with Miller and Topp

Australia’s first HD feature on the new PANASONIC 2100 P2 cameras has just hit cinema screens.

Prey is a supernatural horror film, directed by George Miller (Never Ending Story - 2, The Man From Snowy River) and photographed by DOP Andy Topp (Kath & Kim) It stars  Natalie Bassingthwaighte, and American Jesse Johnson

Prey marks a milestone in Australian cinema history by being the first feature shot entirely as P2 high definition data format rather than on film or videotape.

George describes “Prey” as a horror film with a bit of black humour. Set in outback Australia, most of the filming was actually shot inside a warehouse on Melbourne’s northern outskirts, recreating the outback at night.

George began his career in 1966 with Crawfords on series such as Homicide, Matlock Police and The Sullivans and originally wanted to be a cameraman before turning to direction. In 1982 George teamed with DOP Keith Wagstaff ACS to shoot one of Australia’s most successful films “The Man From Snowy River”.

Always ready to call a spade a spade - George, on talking about the sad state of our film industry today, recently told the Melbourne Age “Sadly, the cause of Australia’s demise as a filmmaking country is its lack of respect for writers,” describing much of the local film industry as “boring, depressing and politically correct ... It’s like a ghastly car wreck that no one can quite see - the stories suck, big-time.”

So why “Prey?” - “Horror is so funny, I love it,” Miller says. “You might not be scared but you’ll always get a laugh.”

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