New music videos shot on Lemac F55 & 65

Lemac's rental F55 & F65 cameras have been in high demand of late, having been used on a couple of high profile music video shoots.

Jessica Mauboy In Remote Northern Territory

Director: Emma Tomelty
Cinematographer: James L Brown

Director Emma Tomelty & Cinematographer James L Brown recently chose Lemac's F65 and F55 cameras for the latest music video for Jessica Mauboy.

1st Assistant Camera, Charlie Whitaker gives us a run down on how the cameras performed on the remote desert shoot.

"Our Cinematographer (James L Brown) & Director (Emma Tomelty) chose the Sony F65 and Sony F55 for the latest music video shoot for Jessica Mauboy, being shot in the rugged scenery surrounding Alice Springs in The Northern Territory.

Our primary reason for shooting with the F65 as our 'A' cam was its 4K resolution coupled with its high exposure latitude and ability to shoot up to 120fps in 4K Raw Lite.

We had concerns over the size and weight of the F65 as most of the shots were done on Steadicam however, Justin Besser who was our Steadicam operator actually found the weight an attribute when faced with strong winds in a couple of locations. A lighter camera would have made the shots harder to keep level and steady.

The internal ND's were also a blessing in such dusty and windy environments and saved time on what was a fairly high pressure shoot.

The compactness of the F55 (our B cam) made the task of shooting out of a helicopter a stress-free experience, especially with the addition of the Arri top plate and handle for a myriad of mounting options and ability to get good balance on camera.

The fact that we could also record upto an hour of 4K Raw footage onboard camera without reloading meant we could maximise the time we had with the chopper.

Despite the harshness of our locations neither camera had any issues and were totally dependable, which for myself as a Focus Puller is the most important feature of any camera."

The Jungle Giants - I Am What You Want Me To Be

Director, Producer and Editor: Anthony Salsone
Director of Photography: Kurt Riddell

Also recently, Lemac Brisbane supplied Director / Producer Anthony Salsone and DOP Kurt Riddell with an F55 to shoot a music video for Brisbane indie rock band The Jungle Giants and their song "I Am What You Want Me To Be".

Shot at Studio Thirty Four in Newstead the crew recorded in 4K RAW using the 15-40mm Optimo and Kessler KC-Lite Crane, and also utilised a motion control rig to achieve some interesting shots.

See below for some photos from the shoot.