New Lemac Website!

We are proud to announce the launch of our brand, spanking new website! The new is a complete overhaul of our old site in look, feel and content.

From a Sales point-of-view, we now have online shopping available. Product news is also updated on a regular basis, helping keep you up to speed with the latest developments in film and digital production tech.

Our Rentals page features our online Rental catalogue, with more information than ever before about each of our Rental items and able to be updated regularly now that we've done away with print! It is now easier to locate and download our Rental Registration form, and find the answers to many of your frequently asked questions. It is also easier to lodge a rental enquiry with Lemac, simply by using our Contact form.

Our Services and Support pages outline several of the facilities that Lemac is able to offer, as well as information about upcoming instructional courses.

In addition to this, we now have general news to keep you appraised of the latest happenings here at Lemac. Subscribe to our Newsletter, follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep in touch as well!

We hope you enjoy the site! Please bear in mind that due to it being brand new, there might also be some quirks and imperfections here and there, which we are repairing as we go. If there is anything you notice that you feel could use our attention, please let us know at