NAB Updates: Zaxcom introduces new ZMT3-HM Miniature Plug-On Transmitter

Press Release - Las Vegas, 25 April 2017

Zaxcom today has expanded its Digital Recording Wireless line with ZMT3-HM, a new plug-on transmitter that pairs high end features with sleek ergonomics. A perfect solution for ENG applications, the ZMT3-HM combines wide-band transmission, selectable 12, 24, 32 and 48V Phantom power and a rechargeable internal battery for easy use and fluid functionality.

The ZMT3-HM is available in two frequency ranges covering 512 – 614 MHz (blocks 20-23) or 596 – 698 MHz (blocks 23-26). The plug-on transmitter also has selectable output power of 25, 50, or 75 mW with the battery providing up to 5 hours of continuous operating time.

Weighing 3.1oz (88g), it’s housed in a high strength, impact resistant nylon polymer casing with rounded edges, machined metal and rubber gaskets to protect it against the harshest of production environments. The combination of the nylon composite case and its power efficiency makes heat transfer practically nonexistent, allowing the ZMT3-HM to run cool.

“We’re particularly happy to expand our line of plug-on transmitters this year,” says Colleen Goodsir, Director of Sales and Marketing at Zaxcom. “The ZMT3-HM is a perfect fit for those in the ENG market looking for reliable wireless in a compact solution.”

Like all Zaxcom digital wireless, the ZMT3-HM transmits encrypted audio using 100% digital modulation, resulting in audio quality far superior to any analog system. Audio can also be recorded internally to a microSD card as a safety backup or when there is radio frequency (RF) interference or distance issues. Files are saved on the card using the highly reliable lossless MARF (Mobile Audio Recording Format) that eliminates file corruption common to recordings due to dead battery or early card removal. They can then be instantly copied to Broadcast Wave Format (BWF) or MP3 via ZaxConvert, free software available for MAC or PC.

The ZMT3-HM can provide a timecoded reference recording matching the camera’s timecode and features Zaxcom’s High Density modulation (ZHD) that allows up to channels ten of wireless to be operated in one MHz of spectrum space. The integrated antenna is completely invisible. A 3-pin XLR connector makes it ideal for any microphone.

Additionally, the ZMT3-HM has ZaxNet™ to provide remote control functions through a selectable 2.4GHz signal. Users can adjust frequency and pre-amp gain while having the ability to place its built-in recorder into record, playback and stop modes. Combining a Zaxcom Deva 24, Nomad or IFB transmitter, the ZMT3-HM pre-gain settings can be instantly adjusted eliminating audio distorted by the transmitter limiter.

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