NAB 2019 - Sony Evolves FS7 and FS7 II for News Production with ENG Build-up Kit and B4 Lens Adapter

Press Release - 8 April 2019

CBK-FS7BK Delivers Advanced Wireless Capabilities, Enhanced Robustness and Excellent Weight Balance for Extended Shooting Stability

Sony’s popular PXW-FS7 and PXW-FS7M2 XDCAM camcorders are now further optimized for news gathering thanks to a new  ENG-style build-up kit and a new B4 lens to E mount adapter. The build-up kit, CBK-FS7BK, enables extended shoulder mount usage, making the camcorders ideal for news production, interviews, documentaries, and reality television shooting. Combined with a new lens mount adapter, the LA-EB1, not only E mount but also B4 lens assets can be used on an FS7 or FS7 II, allowing users to capture images with deep and shallow DoF – all with a single camera.

The CBK-FS7BK build-up kit and LA-EB1 mount adapter will be shown for the first time during NAB in Sony’s Booth #C11001.

“The new build-up kit and lens mount adapter give the FS7 and FS7 II camcorders the ergonomics, networking features, and zoom ratio of a traditional run-and-gun shoulder-mount camcorder, allowing crews to quickly adapt their shooting style with minimal equipment,” said Hany Bartella, Business Head – Broadcast & Media ME, Sony Professional Solutions MEA. “As video production evolves, the demand for cinematic-style shooting has permeated into every facet of the industry, including broadcast news. FS7 shooters will be excited by the possibilities and adaptability the new build-up kit and lens mount adapter provides.”

The CBK-FS7BK build-up kit includes: an extension unit with a wireless audio receiver slot and built-in network capability, providing advanced network operation for broadcast usage; a viewfinder and a cheese plate with enhanced robustness; and an adjustable shoulder plate designed to achieve optimal weight balance. Streaming and file transfers are possible via a wireless LAN or a 4G/LTE connection.  QoS performance streaming is provided through the camcorder’s Dual Link connection, which enables the multiplexing of two cellular networks.

With the new LA-EB1 mount adapter, a B4 lens can be attached to FS7 and FS7 II camcorders.*¹ The addition of a B4 lens on the camcorder makes it possible to shoot deep Depth of Field (DoF) with the high zoom ratio necessary for traditional news production.

Through DC supply from CBK-FS7BK or FS7 extension unit XDCA-FS7, compatibility with the B4 mount’s communication interface allows start/end recording using the lens REC button, and information such as iris and focus is displayed on the viewfinder of the camera and recorded as metadata. This streamlines post-production efforts. The adapter also works as a hub for the power zoom of the lens, enabling one-hand operation via the servo zoom.

Other highlights of the CBK-FS7BK build-up kit and LA-EB1 mount adapter include:

  • Various interface support including genlock/timecode for multi-camera operation and RAW output
  • Compatible with Sony BP-GL and BP-FL series batteries
  • Newly designed shoulder plate with an extended slide mechanism allows users to find the optimum weight balance with their choice of lens
  • ENG-style LCD viewfinder included
  • Exchange lenses on location with no tools required
  • Image circle is expanded to 13.5mm by magnifying the optical system. The F drop is as small as 0.6, which can capture bright images*²
  • ALAC (Auto Lens Aberration Compensation) decreases chromatic aberration caused by the lens*³*⁴

The ENG-style build-up kit and mount adapter for FS7 and FS7 II will be available in December 2019.

*¹ Need to hold the lens with CBK-FS7BK or VCT-FS7.

*² Only support HD and 2K center scan mode.

*³ By Ver1.1 planned in early 2020.

*⁴ Need to supply DC from CBK-FS7BK or XDCA-FS7