NAB 2016 - Easyrig announces upgraded "Vario 5 Strong"

Press Release - April 13th 2016

The team at Easyrig is happy to announce a STRONG version of "Vario 5"!

The “Vario 5 STRONG” is a flexible, inclusive solution built to handle advanced camera setups and associated high weights. It is now possible to cover a load range of 14-25 kg (30-55 lbs) all in “One Rig".

During last year of development we have re-invent the "Vario 5" to "Vario 5 STRONG"

The "Vario 5 STRONG" shares the same proven technology as the ”Vario 5" with the addition of our world wide Patent Pending adjustable tension system. US Patent pending 15/054 832 / EU Patent pending 15157184.1 / CN Patent pending 201610102236.5. The key to the "Vario 5 STRONG" is the new internal adjustment arm that allows for changes in the power of the system. It's simple, consistent, and reliable.

Another key element in the success of the new “Vario 5 STRONG” is the integration of SKF ball bearings and Lesjofors gas shock absorbers. These noted Swedish companies have been producing world class components since 1907.

The Easyrig "Vario 5 STRONG" has been time tested in different climates, terrains and conditions spanning three different continents. Read about the results from our test cameramen on the Easyrig homepage under ”Vario".