NAB 2016 - Livestream announces new Studio 4.0 and Studio Cloud software.

Press Release - April 18th, 2016

We have two exciting software announcements coming out of NAB 2016. We are now offering our Studio Cloud software as an add-on for Enterprise customers. That means live event producers using Livestream Studio Cloud can now transcode, do basic mixing, and RTMP ingest from anywhere in the world at anytime without dedicated hardware.

We’re also releasing Studio 4.0 software in beta, available for all customers in June, now featuring Facebook Live integration.


With Studio Cloud, anyone can take advantage of the power of cloud computing to run a fully functional production switcher entirely from a browser through a dedicated server in the Amazon cloud.

From there, you can send your stream to Studio Cloud using any RTMP compatible encoder. Once the Studio Cloud receives your stream, you can tell Studio to begin broadcasting to your Livestream event in HD using our new Web Control feature in Google Chrome. You can choose to have it stream in up to four bitrates without worrying about Studio’s connection speed or CPU limitations.

Studio Cloud is a great option for anyone who wants to take advantage of Livestream’s flat-rate subscription pricing without adding new hardware by leveraging existing RTMP encoders you might have already invested in. You can also send two streams from separate locations to Studio Cloud and switch between them using Web Control – a great solution for a multi-location conference or a presentation between teams in separate offices.

Cloud Edition of Livestream Studio is available as an add-on to a Livestream Enterprise plan.


The Studio 4.0 update lets any producer create live video with multi-million dollar production quality. Studio 4.0 is a free upgrade available in beta today, and rolling out to all customers as a free upgrade in June via Studio’s auto-update.

Studio 4.0 offers the following brand new features:

Current Studio users interested in trying out the Studio 4.0 beta can find more information on how to install it here. Also visit our Studio Facebook group for beta support.