Lemac Supports KidzFlicks Film Festival

Lemac is proud to have offered our support to the KidzFlicks Film Festival, hosted by The Bardic Studio supported by Sydney's Waverley Council.

The Bardic Studio is a non-profit organisation formed by a group of film, theatre and education professionals. They support children and young people as they share their own stories with the community. The performances, broadcasts and screenings of the student's films and plays celebrate the perspectives of their generation. Artists and teachers work together to mentor children and young people by designing effective workshops that are active, empowering and build storytelling skills. The students share their work with audiences through public performances, film screenings and presentations. The Bardic Studio also works with teachers in and out of schools to support their work with students.

The winners of the festival were rewarded by spending two days with David Lewis ACS and Anna Howard ACS who mentored them to shoot a short film using gear donated by Lemac.

For more information about this great initiative, visit the KidzFlicks Facebook page here.