Lemac Congratulates 2017 ASSG Winners

Congratulations to the crew of Deep Water - Episode 4

Lemac would like to congratulate the nominees and winners of the 2017 ASSG Awards. In particular, we would like to extend a very special congratulations to the crew of Deep Water (Episode 4) who picked up the Lemac sponsored Best Sound for a Television Drama Series.

Our resident Audio Expert, Ross Boyer was in attendance to congratulate the crew members who were present on the night.

The full crew includes: Luke Mynott, Tom Herdman, Wesley Chew, Mick Boraso, Blair Slater, Dan Johnston, Duncan McAllister, Luisa Hadley, Andrew Simmons, Nick Emond, Sue Kerr & Nathan Badder

Lemac is proud to continue our support of the ASSG as a Silver Sponsor in 2018.