IBC 2016

A few IBC pics from our MD who was in Amsterdam for the show.

On the new gear front a cheaper and lighter range of glass seems to be the focus of the manufacturers.

ZEISS showed the new affordable Zeiss LWZ.3 21-100mm T2.9-3.9 Super 35 format lens with interchangeable mounts. It weighs just 2kg and will be coming to local shores around January 2017. The boys from Newshooter got hands on with this lens and have posted an article and video here

(L-R) Dan Chung, Michael Schiehlen, Victor Cheung, Eve Lim

Angenieux released Type EZ Zooms which have an interchangeable rear lens groups to allow a swap between Super 35 and Full Frame. It Also gives users the option to swap lens mounts out between PL, EF and Sony E

These lenses are intended to cover the gap between DSLR and documentary/owner operator markets. Two models shown EZ-1 in S35 30-90 T2 with rear FF it is 45-135mm T3 zoom and EZ-2 in S35 15-40 T2 and with rear FF it is 22-60 T3.

Sigma have stepped up in to the cinema space with a strong presence at the show with FF High Speed Prime Line 20,24,35,50 and 85 all T1.5with choice of EF,E or PL. FF Zoom Line 24-35 T2.2 only a choice of EF or E no PL, They also have High Speed zooms - initially 18-35 and 50-100 T2, Zoom Line with choice of EF,E or PL and cover Super35 only.

Also Fujinon Cabrio 20-120 T3.5 the ,the Canon 18-80 T4.4, which were released at NAB earlier this year. Interesting Leica M .08 FF lenses and Cooke announcing a new range of Cooke Classic Panchros with Multi Mounts. Classic Panchros have new coatings designed to recreate the classic look with new mechanics that allow them to fit into today’s productions

On the camera front the new Canon EOS C700, the addition of the Codex Varicam Pure, the announcement that the SXT upgrades are finally ready to begin but no new camera.

On the VR front it was interesting to see the "World's First VR Cinema" near the train station in Amsterdam. Go Pro had two rigs on display the Omni (6 cameras) and the Odyessy (16 cameras). Technicolor had a whole suite of experiences you could try in the VR space including demonstrating technology for VR on a home screen. In the Future Zone also more VR and NHK's amazing roll up 8K screen which was developed in conjunction with LG and Astro. Sony also had a new screen technology called Crystal which was the main focus point of the stand. Amazing pictures for large display and sports still in beta form.

Teradek had the Sphere for 360 monitoring and live streaming plus the new Bolt 1000 and 3000 which are 20% smaller, lighter and work over longer distances. Transvideo had the completed Starlite RF new wireless transmission system with no delay. It is totally free of cables.

Dedo had a new Parallel Beam projector, part of their Cine Reflect Lighting System which allows cinematographers to create virtual light sources at a considerable distance without cluttering the set with stands and fixtures. Easyrig showed a new Minimax 2 to 7kg which will replace the old models in this range and it includes a special release if the unit it overloaded to prevent damage. Also a new women's vest called the Cinema Flex compatible with the Easyrig 2.5,3,Vario5 and Minimax.

HDR was again the buzz word of the stands with Sony and Canon showing new HDR monitors. Sony's had a new test one to gauge interest. It was also giving sessions on understanding HDR in the production/post process through to delivery into the home.