Film is just Killing Time

Killing Time is the new 10-part crime drama from Fremantle Media Australia and TV1. It depicts the true story of the rise and fall of disgraced lawyer Andrew Fraser, played by David Wenham.


Director of Photography Martin McGrath selected Lemac’s Aaton XTERA Super-16 camera kits for this series, allowing the crew to work with a medium and workflow that has stood the test of time, as well as delivering a true film look. In recent years, Lemac has upgraded several of it’s existing XTRprod camera bodies to the new and improved XTERA (care of the Aaton manufacturing centre in Grenoble, France).  The XTERA is quieter, steady as a rock, includes additional power and accessory connectors and is also fitted with a new-and-improved progressive scan video split.


Killing Time chronicles real-life lawyer Andrew Fraser’s journey from small-time cases to defending some of Australia’s most notorious criminals, and the dramatic downfall thereafter. Trying to maintain a thousand-dollar a day drug addiction, Fraser lost it all as his complicated life became surrounded by villains, larrikins and law enforcers, eventually leading to a maximum security prison sentence.


Killing Time comes from the writers of classic Australian crime drama such as Blue Murder, Stingers and Halifax, with production investment from Film Victoria.