Easyrig Announces New Boom Rig At NAB Show 2024

After working with this new invention for more than 5 years, we are excited to announce that the Easyrig Boom Rig is finally released!

The Easyrig Boom Rig is a new chapter in the story of Easyrig. After successfully helping camera operators for more than 30 years, Easyrig have now taken their expertise in weight distribution and support to focus on a new market: Boom Operators & Sound Engineers.

Easyrig have been working with experts in the field to perfect this new invention, such as Kevin Cerchiai from Atlanta, Ljudfadern and SoundImage from Sweden, Thomas Wallis from Germany, among others.

The Easyrig Boom Rig is designed in a way that all the weight of the boom pole is on your hips while still being able to have full control of the boom pole. You still operate the boom with your hands as you always have, but you can now do it without damaging your shoulders, arms, or back.

The Easyrig Boom Rig allows the user to operate high and low angles. You can attach a mixer to it in the front and even fasten the boom to the side of the vest to be able to free both your hands while it is attached to the rig. It is available right now worldwide; you can order it from Lemac.

Boom Rig is Design Patented & Trade marked.