Dedo Master Class Series - Wrapup

Lemac would like to thank everyone who made it to our Dedolight 2013 Masterclass events in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane between the 22nd Feb and 1st March.

Still going strong and forever inventive, Dedo Weigert showed us once again why his lights have become such a worldwide phenomenon in the industry with their high output, extreme efficiency, amazing design and almost unbreakable ruggedness.

With a 3 hour seminar followed by a hands on lighting workshop in all three states, Dedo delved into some of the myths and non-truths about LED lighting technology and showed us his full range of focusable 100/150w classic lights, dedicated soft lights, projection attachments, Felloni LED panels, onboard LEDzilla lights and his brand new DLED range of focusing LED lights.

Dedo is always a wealth of knowledge and full of great stories and we would like to thank him and his assistant Elena Kostadinova for taking time to travel to Australia from Munich, Germany to carry out these seminars for a combined audience of well over 400 people at Lemac in Richmond, TCN 9 in Sydney, Maquarie University, the ACS National Clubhouse and also QUT in Queensland.

Congratulations to the winners of the Portable Lighting workshop - for more info on Dedo or any of his products please contact Lemac in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane.


The feedback from attendees of all the events has been overwhelmingly positive. Here is a sample of the comments on our Facebook page.

"Thank you for an awesome day Lemac. Was great to sit and listen to Dedo talk so passionately about light. Also, we were in the second run of the light set ups. Want to thank you for the generous prize."
- Noel Evans

"Really enjoyed and learnt a lot from today's workshop with Dedo! Thanks for organising this!"
- Iain Brew

"Thanks for a great day with Dedo Weigert"
- Hugh Peterswald

"Just wanted to say thanks for last Friday night with Dedo, a great session with lots of technical insight and creative possibilities."
- Tony Gay