Canon Announces New Cinema Products - Including Full Frame C700

Canon has added 4 new products to it's Cinema lineup, including a new full-frame model of the C700, a 20mm T1.5 CN-E Lens and two new professional 4K reference displays equipped with 12G-SDI terminals.

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Canon Launches Flagship EOS Cinema C700 FF with Newly Developed Full Frame Sensor

Press Release - 28 March 2018

Canon today announced the launch of the new EOS C700 FF, the new flagship model of the Cinema EOS System lineup of professional digital cinematography products. The new model also has a PL mount version, the EOS C700 FF PL. 

The EOS C700 FF inherits the outstanding usability and modular design of its predecessor model, the EOS C700 (released in December 2016), while employing a newly developed full-frame sensor that produces superb quality 4K video footage with low noise and high sensitivity. The EOS C700 FF meets a wide range of professional needs for on-location shooting of projects such as international blockbuster films and the broader video production market consisting of TV dramas, commercials and music videos. 

Using the abundant visual information captured by its newly developed 38.1mm x 20.1mm full-frame sensor, internal recording of 4K at 50P/60P video is achieved through oversampling the sensor's native 5.9K resolution¹. The EOS C700 FF delivers footage with superior image quality due to lower imaging noise, a wide dynamic range exceeding 15 stops and a color gamut that exceeds the next-generation broadcasting standard ITU-R BT.2020. Accompanying the superior image quality is Canon's Dual Pixel CMOS AF autofocus system that enables the EOS C700 FF to perform high-precision focus adjustment suited to a wide range of shooting styles, even in situations that demand highly accurate focusing. 

Supporting more than 70 different EF-series and EF Cinema-series lenses in addition to PL and anamorphic lenses² (EOS C700 FF PL only), the EOS C700 FF and EOS C700 FF PL are versatile film making platforms suitable for shooting a variety of scenes. Combining a full-frame sensor with these lenses that deliver high optical performance, the EOS C700 FF delivers the image quality and versatility that film making professionals demand. 

The EOS C700 FF supports recording in both XF-AVC, Canon's proprietary video format that efficiently compresses data, and the highly versatile Apple ProRes³ compression format. In additional to in-camera recording, the EOS C700 FF supports RAW format recordings in 5.9K (5952 x 3140) up to 50P/60P when equipped with the Codex CDX-36150 recorder. 

The EOS C700 FF (EF mount) and EOS C700 FF PL (PL mount) will be available in July 2018. 

1 The process of generating recorded video using data larger than the recording pixel value.
2 A lens that enables shooting with landscape-orientation compression and makes possible a characteristic blur effect.
3 A video compression format developed by Apple Inc.

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Canon Enhances EF Cinema Lens Lineup with Introduction of 20mm Fixed-Focal-Length Lens

Press Release - 28 March 2018

Canon today announced the launch of the CN-E20mm T1.5 L F, a new addition to the Cinema EOS System. The new CN-E20mm T1.5 L F is a 20mm fully manual fixed-focal-length EF Cinema Lens specially suited for 4K cameras to deliver exceptional optical performance. 

With a focal length of 20mm which is highly sought after by users, the new CN-E20mm T1.5 L F enhances Canon's EF Cinema Lens lineup to meet a diverse range of cinematic and video-production needs while further expanding the world of visual expression. 

The new lens achieves resolution suitable for 4K, from the center of the image to the periphery. Supporting high-image-quality cameras that feature 35mm full-frame sensors - such as the EOS C700 FF digital cinema camera (to be released in July 2018) and the EOS-1D C DSLR (released in October 2012), the CN-E20mm T1.5 L F contributes to the creation of high-level video productions. In addition, featuring a focal length equivalent to approximately 29.2mm (35mm film equivalent) when used with cameras sporting Super 35mm sensors, this wide-angle lens can be used for a broad range of shooting scenarios. Additionally, with an 11-blade aperture diaphragm and a T number¹ of 1.5, the lens achieves a natural and soft bokeh effect. 

Since the launch of the Cinema EOS System and EF Cinema Lenses in November 2011, Canon has expanded its EF Cinema Lens lineup and established the CINE-SERVO series and COMPACT-SERVO series of lenses featuring servo functions, receiving acclaim from a wide range of users. With the introduction of the CN-E20mm T1.5 L F, the EF Cinema Lenses lineup now comprises a total of 21 models², offering users of the Cinema EOS System more versatility and creative options in a wide variety of production scenarios. 

The CN-E20mm T1.5 L F will be available in October 2018. 

1 The F number of a lens is a theoretical value of brightness calculated using its focal length and aperture. The T number is a value that encompasses the F number and the transmittance of glass used and is the standard notation of brightness for cinema lenses.
2 Includes EF and PL mount versions of top-end zoom lenses, compact zoom lenses and CINE-SERVO lenses. Fixed-focal-length lenses and COMPACT-SERVO lenses are available in EF mount only.

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Canon Expands Professional 4K Display Lineup with Two New Models Featuring 12G-SDI Terminals

Press Release - 28 March 2018

Canon today announced the launch of two new professional 4K reference displays equipped with 12G-SDI terminals: the 24-inch DP-V2421 and the 17-inch DP-V1711. 

The new DP-V2421 24-inch 4K professional reference display features a 12G-SDI terminal and delivers high luminance and high contrast, befitting for confirming 4K/HDR¹ content in broadcasting studios and monitoring video footage while shooting on location. The 17-inch DP-V1711 also features a 12G-SDI terminal and 4K high-image-quality performance in a compact design that not only makes it easily portable for on-location shooting, but also ideal for use in environments where space is limited, such as in broadcasting studios and broadcasting vans. By expanding its lineup of reference displays with 12G-SDI terminals, Canon aims to meet the needs of on-location 4K video production environments globally. 

Featuring 12G-SDI terminals (four IN and four OUT), the DP-V2421 and DP-V1711 enables the transmission of 4K 50p/60p footage with a single cable, boosting convenience for video crews. Previously, four cables would have been required when using a 4K display equipped with 3G-SDI terminals. By reducing the number of cables, the new 4K reference displays enhances cost, time and space savings. 

The DP-V2421 and DP-V1711 supports industry standards² such as the Hybrid Log-Gamma broadcasting HDR standard, and Perceptual Quantization (PQ) HDR standard for video production and distribution. Additionally, the displays also support Canon's proprietary log gammas - Canon Log, Canon Log 2 and Canon Log 3. 

For seamless operability, several functions have been included to simplify HDR image confirmation. These include a waveform monitor, which displays the luminance level of input signals and a false color function, which overlays different areas of input images with colors depending on their luminance. With these tools, the displays allow for efficient and accurate confirmation of HDR images. 

1 High dynamic range refers to a technique that enhances the contrast between light and dark values (the dynamic range) of an image.
2 The displays support all HDR methods designated by such standards as the ITU-R BT.2100 international HDR standards and SMPTE ST 2084 HDR standards defined by the United States-based Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers.

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