Brisbane's New Look

On the back of very strong growth in the Queensland market, Lemac have doubled the size of the Brisbane office with a complete overhaul of the front section of the building. We have added a large new Sales showroom to the premises, as well as new kitchen and entertainment facilities for industry events. The refit also vastly improves the Rentals prep area for staff and camera crew tests. With a significant increase in business for Rentals and Sales alike, the Brisbane team are enjoying the extra space!

Rentals is still accessible from the old address of 5 Exhibition Street, Bowen Hills, while Sales can now be accessed from the other end of the same building at 37 Brookes Street. Check out our Contact page for more info.

One of the key purposes behind the rebuild was to create a new space for product presentation and training events. This space seats over 40 people and features projection and surround sound capabilities. It’s first use being for Lemac’s Post-NAB ACS function, we feel that this facility will play a major role in Lemac’s future under the banner of KnowledgeBank - a new initiative by Lemac to provide formalised industry training and a repository of relevant technical and operational information for the film and television industry.

The new Brisbane Sales Showroom. Brisbane Sales rep Dave Cracknell.

Rentals staff members (L-R) Danny Haneman and Tim Jordin.

Tim Schumann, Manager of Digital Cinema, discussing the new Sony F65 at Lemac Brisbane's post-NAB event in the new training facility.