Blackmagic Design Announces HyperDeck Studio Mini v7.1

New and free software update adds new H.264 codec, new AAC audio codec, longer single file record durations and faster file transfers using Ethernet.

Fremont, CA, USA - Saturday, April 3, 2020

Blackmagic Design today announced HyperDeck v7.1 a major new software update that adds multiple new features to HyperDeck Studio Mini broadcast recorders. The new updates include a new H.264 codec that supports true interlaced HD formats, a new AAC audio codec allowing uploading files direct to YouTube, much faster Ethernet transfers of 110 MB/s and support for longer duration in a single file of at least 3 hours.

HyperDeck Studio Mini v7.1 is available for download now from the Blackmagic Design website.

HyperDeck Studio Mini is a miniaturized broadcast deck that’s so compact and portable customers can use it anywhere. Customers get a choice of incredible quality H.264, ProRes or DNx codecs recorded to SD or UHS-II card media in either QuickTime or MXF file formats. HyperDeck Studio Mini has features such as 6G-SDI for all formats up to 2160p30, HDMI for monitoring, dual SD card slots for non-stop recording and built in sync generator that lets customers daisy chain and synchronize multiple decks together.

HyperDeck Studio Mini features multi rate 6G-SDI connections so customers can work with all SD, HD and Ultra HD formats up to 2160p30. Customers get an SDI input and two SDI outputs that can be used for fill and key. The HDMI output makes HyperDeck Studio Mini perfect for connecting to big screen televisions, projectors and digital signs. For large digital signage, there's reference input and a reference generator with reference output that lets customers sync multiple HyperDecks for ganged playback.

HyperDeck Studio Mini features traditional deck style transport controls, including a small search dial for jog and shuttle. The compact LCD shows timecode and transport information, plus a full color thumbnail preview of the current clip in record or playback. It also displays information about each card’s recording status, along with video format, frame rate information and audio levels, all on the same display.

HyperDeck Studio Mini records to both regular SD cards and high performance UHS-II cards. Customers can use standard SD cards, or UHS-II cards when customers want to record Ultra HD. SD cards are incredibly tiny, so customers can create an archival library of your content that takes up a fraction of the space required by old tapes and disks. Plus now with the latest software update, HyperDeck Studio Mini recordings can be more than 3 hours long in a single file.

With the latest software update HyperDeck Studio Mini can record SD, 720p, 1080p and now 1080i HD true interlaced formats in H.264, allowing broadcasters to reduce costs even while recording and archiving thousands of hours of video. H.264 files are extremely small and range from 36:1 to 124:1 compression for lower file sizes, even while retaining great broadcast quality video. With the latest software, H.264 files now have AAC audio so customers can upload recordings direct to YouTube. Plus with modern computers, H.264 files work with all edit software and are fast to use. Plus HyperDeck Studio Mini also supports ProRes in 422 HQ, 422, 422 LT and Proxy, plus DNx formats too.

HyperDeck Studio Mini features dual media slots for non stop recording. When the recording card becomes full, recording automatically continues onto the next card. That means users will never have to worry about missing an important shot. That’s perfect when recording at longer live events because the cards are also hot swappable, so customers can swap a full card for an empty one while recording continues in the other slot.

The SDI and HDMI connections are multi-rate, so they can handle SD, HD and Ultra HD television standards. SD formats include NTSC and PAL. 720p HD standards include 720p50 and 59.94p. 1080i HD interlaced formats include 1080i50, 59.94 and 60, while the latest software update means customers get true interlaced support in H.264 files, making HyperDeck Studio Mini perfect for broadcasters. 1080p HD formats include 1080p23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94 and 60p. Customers can even do 1080 PsF formats. If customers are working in Ultra HD, up to 2160p30p formats are supported via 6G-SDI.

Built in 1G Ethernet means HyperDeck Studio Mini is perfect for broadcast server and digital signage use. With the latest software updates, customers can now transfer up to 110 Megabytes per second, which is so fast it allows customers to copy video files as fast as the SD card can handle it. To upload media files remotely, customers can use the FTP protocol or use common FTP client software. Customers can also remote control HyperDeck using an easy text based protocol, so it's easy to use simple Telnet to test their control commands.

HyperDeck Studio Mini records files that are compatible with virtually all post production software. When recording in H.264, customers can upload files from HyperDeck Studio Mini direct to streaming services such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter and more. If customers are working with popular editing software such as DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro or Avid Media Composer, customers can start editing and color correcting without having to transcode or convert the files.

"This is a massive software update for HyperDeck Studio Mini and it’s like a whole new model, but because it's a software update, thousands of customers will get it for free!" said Grant Petty, Blackmagic Design CEO." With a new H.264 codec, a new AAC audio codec, longer single file recordings and improvements in video quality, we think our customers will love this new update!"

HyperDeck Studio Mini v7.1 Features

  • Longer single file record times of at least 3 hours.
  • New H.264 codec with interlaced video support.
  • New AAC audio codec allows H.264 file uploads direct to YouTube.
  • Dramatically faster Ethernet file transfers up to 110 MB/s.
  • Supports QuickTime and MXF file wrappers.